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"Sustainable netting solution for growblocks and pellets"

Jiffy aims for lowering the use of plastics for their growing media. Just recently Jiffy decided to switch from PE and PP plastics to PLA netting for all Jiffy Grow Blocks and Jiffy Pellets. Lettuce; strong rooting on Jiffy Growblock PLA Netting The PLA net is a light weight fine-fibre web, comprised of polylactic…

A.M.A. celebrates milestone of one billion Ellepots sold

"I remember thinking 'what is this' when the machine arrived"

A.M.A. Horticulture has achieved a major milestone producing and selling more than one billion Ellepots, stabilized media that generate fast, healthy rooting and help growers reduce plastics use. A.M.A. was the first company in North America to produce and sell Ellepots to growers and has since become a…

Martin Tietema, CEO of Foamplant:

"We are now able to offer certainty towards growers regarding our claim on biodegradability"

Last year, Foamplant introduced the horticultural substrate Growfoam. Growfoam is a patent pending biodegradable plant substrate for seedling germination and plant cultivation. The dimensionally stable, peat-free and clean plant foam-substrate is produced from biodegradable biopolymers and natural…

Effect of growing media on rooting response of tomato stem cuttings

A greenhouse study was conducted to determine the effect of growıng media on root development of stem cuttings of tomato hybrids. Axillary cuttings from various tomato hybrids (Anna, Saandal, Salar and Sahil) were planted on different organic media (T1: Control (garden soil + FYM + silt (1:1:1), silt +…

"drawn together by a passion for innovation and customer focus"

Legro acquires 50% stake in Botanicoir

Two producers in the substrate industry will join forces. The Dutch substrate producer and supplier Legro has purchased 50% shares in Botanicoir, the British/Sri Lankan coir manufacturer. "This partnership will enable Botanicoir to make the necessary investments to cater to the increasing global demand…

Coco coir company finds new operating help in India

Shakti Cocos B.V. originated from Van der Gaag Potgrond B.V., a family business with several generations of experience in potting soil and substrates for professional horticulture. With the emergence of coco as a substrate in the 1980s, the need arose to have control over quality, product developments…

Plant nutrient availability and pH of biochars and their fractions

Biochar has the potential to be used as a growing media component, and therefore plays a role in reducing peat usage. It has unique properties apart from the ability to sequester carbon. Researchers investigated the nutrient contents of four commercial biochars and their fractions. The biochars’…

Krzysztof Sak, Agronom Berries:

"Hydroponics help us guarantee constant soft fruit supply"

Only a couple of years ago the team with Agronom Berries, one of Poland’s biggest soft fruit growers, started growing strawberries hydroponically instead of in the open field. “We thought we'd better start learning since we believe that it would become a necessity within the next decade”, says Krzysztof…

Bringing high-tech solutions to low-tech growers

Turkey is one of the largest countries in the world when it comes to horticulture, around 80,000 hectares of greenhouses are spread across the nation. But only a very small part of this area is dedicated to high-tech growing, and it’s getting increasingly difficult for low-tech growers to keep up with…

Launch of pure Forest Gold wood fibre delivered in big bags

Pindstrup announces the launch of pure Forest Gold wood fibre delivered in big bags. Forest Gold is wood fibre designed and optimized for use in horticulture. For more than 15 years, the Pindstrup Group has developed and refined Forest Gold, in close collaboration with growers around the world. While…

"We have seen a lot of growers switching from traditional growing in soil to hydroponic growing"

Switching berry growers benefit from good substrate

The prolonged water shortage challenges growers in Queensland and Australia more broadly to find more sustainable growing techniques. “Water is one of our biggest challenges,” says James Burnett, who has been growing berries for 15 years, with Paradise Fruits. Paradise Fruits has been growing a full…

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