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Comparison of water capture efficiency in different substrates

Substrate wettability is an important factor in determining effective and efficient irrigation techniques for container-grown crops. Reduced substrate wettability can lead to lower substrate water capture, excessive leaching and poor plant growth. A recent study examined substrate water capture using…

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Substrate handling influences air porosity

To fully understand how air porosity can impact a greenhouse crop, let's start by looking at the 4 functions of a substrate: it provides support for roots, it serves as a water reservoir and as exchange sites for nutrients and it promotes the gaseous exchange between the rhizosphere around the roots and…

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Substrate handling influences water holding capacity

Water holding capacity is greatly influenced by the size of the growing medium particles. Coarse particles create macropores which account for drainage and air porosity, while fine particles create micropores which retain water. A mixture of coarse and fine particles can be prejudicial for a substrate…

Peat and Peatlands

Science in the service of peatland management

The Canadian horticultural peat moss industry has for many years partnered with the nation’s most respected peatland researchers. Their objectives are to get a better understanding of the peat resource, the peatland ecosystem and its functions, to understand how certain activities might influence these…

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Composition, functions and use of various growing media

Growing media are one of the most widely used materials for growing greenhouse crops. With many different formulations available for growers, it can be a challenge to choose which is the best blend to use. Understanding the composition, functions and intended use can make the selection process easier.…

Coco fiber and coir production facility joins the Fibredust family

Fibredust announces new Mexican operation “Costa Sur”

US based Fibredust announced the expansion of their Mexican operation to include the production facility in beautiful Jalisco Mexico. This 10 hectare facility offers a new avenue for coir and fiber made and shipped from Mexico. “The addition of Costa Sur to the Fibredust family enables efficient shipment…

coco from Boekel to growers Jan & Birgitte in Uden

“Outside using coco substrates? Nobody else is doing that”

There are hardly any areas in the world where coco producer and supplier Dutch Plantin does not deliver. Professional growers worldwide use the coco substrates for their soft fruit, vegetable and flower cultivation. But perhaps the most innovative customer is just around the corner. Jan van den Elzen…

Strong disease suppressing effects with TerrAktiv PLUS

Microbial enriched growing media

The biological suppression of common plant diseases increasingly becomes the preferred alternative to chemical plant protection. Adding biostimulants to a growing medium can induce the required suppressing effects. Based on long-term research, Klasmann-Deilmann has developed TerrAktiv PLUS, a unique constituent consisting of…

Kurt Lauwers starts working at Willems Perlite after 19 years at Hollandplant

Kurt Lauwers, one of the familiar faces at Hollandplant as a salesperson, recently made a remarkable career move. After 19 years he has moved to the Belgian substrate supplier Willems Perlite. “I have always enjoyed working at Hollandplant, but I was ready for a new challenge,” says Kurt Lauwers. “I found…

Wood fiber and coir blend leads to new, sustainable substrate

US based FibreDust announces the release of Coir WTF 70/30. "The patent pending blend takes coir to the next level. We are blending wood fiber and coir at our factories and compressing the product for efficient global delivery in grow bags, grow cubes, disks, layflat slabs, and more. "Fibredust is always…


Improving performance of re-used coir with biostimulant

Fortafol-D from Koppert UK contains humic and fulvic acids and is ideally placed to support healthy growth in newly transplanted strawberry plants. It works by actively supporting a plant’s root zone, encouraging root growth, cell activity and mineral uptake during the critical early development stage.…

Riococo expands biodegradable option

Ceyhinz Link/Riococo is expanding its offering of biodegradable plastic bags. Previously what was only offered to cannabis growers is now being offered to all clients regardless of the crop being grown. “For the past 2 and a half years we have been offering EcoPure Biodegradable bags to our cannabis and hemp…


HydraFiber and EZ Blend products now offered in 95-cubic-foot tower option

Growers can now purchase HydraFiber Ultra 160 and 365 formulations, as well as HydraFiber EZ Blend, in 95-cubic-foot towers. The towers do not require any specialized equipment and growers can pad mix or use ribbon blenders to break apart the tower material to incorporate it into their substrate mixes…

from UF/IFAS Extension Greenhouse Training Online:

New videos on 1 to 5 moisture scale for container substrates

Communication on when and how much to irrigate is critical in the production of high quality, uniform plants. The University of Florida IFAS Extension has developed short and simple videos in English and Spanish (“The 1 to 5 Moisture Scale for Container Substrates” / “La Escala de Humedad de 1 a 5 para…

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