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Friday, July 23, 2021

We'll be back on August 9th

Summer break

School's out for summer! Or, at least, HortiDaily is. Throughout the year, we bring you the latest news from the horticultural industry. Now it's time for something different. For the next two weeks, we will not publish any news, nor will we send out newsletters. We will be enjoying our summer holidays. 

We'll be back on August 9th and will then update you again with all the news from the industry. 

Meanwhile, we would like to thank you all for the ongoing support and hope you enjoy the summer! 


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Getting a 95 hectare greenhouse ready for summer

While we’re preparing for our summer break, the team with Spayka Greenhouses is prepared for summer as a whole. In not even 6 months from initial contact to full install, 95 of their 105-hectare acreage has been equipped with high-pressure fog systems. Together with the system also comes extensive crop…

Paul Mastronardi on the future of farming:

"We're on the lookout for varieties that work well with automation"

While SUNSET® looks for varieties that produce more yield without sacrificing flavor, the company is also looking for varieties that will work well with automation. Paul Mastronardi, CEO of Mastronardi Produce Limited, revealed so during a recent webinar by Bayer, focusing on the future of farming. "The…

Summer break: what to watch while we're away?

Afraid you'll be bored for the fortnight without HortiDaily? Please don't be. We've selected 10 top video's to watch over our summer break. Greenhouse building of the future on Discovery Channel’s "How Do They Do It"The greenhouses building of the future is within range and actually already started. In…

Hydroponic watermelons grow between the tomato plants

Is the watermelon from the greenhouse here to stay? "Who knows?" Grower Lynn Vermeiren and brand manager Tom Verdonck of Tomeco laugh mysteriously. From week 24 they have been harvesting mini watermelons every week in the greenhouse in Meer. And in Loenhout, the plants for a new crop, planted on 7 July,…

Paul Hofstede, CaTeC:

“Climate sensors offer solutions to many growers’ struggles”

“Our sensors are adapted to make things as efficient as possible for the grower. Our relative humidity and temperature sensors now have interchangeable calibrated sensors, which makes maintenance much easier and prevents the loss of data. In addition, we created heated humidity sensors as a solution to…

Largest poly greenhouse in the Netherlands equipped with new drive technology

The largest poly greenhouse in the Netherlands was recently put into use for the cultivation of strawberries. Beekers Berries in Made opted for the construction of a modern multi-span poly greenhouse measuring 7.8 hectares. The AgrowSer Poly greenhouse is equipped with double-sided continuous ridge…

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Tomato consumption linked with lower mortality

Tomato and tomato products have been widely recognized as healthy foods because of their high content of lycopene. Human trials have shown the potential of dietary lycopene or lycopene supplement in reducing levels of proinflammatory mediators and oxidative stress (1), regulating cardiovascular variables…

Thierry Julien, Les Crudettes:

“We will create a greenhouse of 7,000 m² of salads and aromatic herbs in aeroponics”

At the Vivatech Fair 2021 held mid-June in Paris, the company Les Crudettes attended with its partner CleanGreens, in order to present its Cap Vert project. “It is an aeroponics production system, which consists of spraying a nutritive solution on the roots of our salads and aromatic herbs. It is a…

Acquisition of a majority stake in ISO Group by Cibus Fund

ISO Group welcomes a new shareholder to achieve its growth ambitions. The sector is developing at a rapid pace, and robotics, 3D vision, and AI applications are of great…

UAE’s “green sheikh” visits Green Bronx Machine and Gotham Greens

Yesterday, Green Bronx Machine founder Stephen Ritz and his students welcomed His Royal Highness Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, to their classroom at the National Health and Wellness Learning Center (NHWLC) at CS 55 in the Bronx. A member of the ruling family of Ajman of the United Arab Emirates and…

Riococo answered to the rising demand for quality coco

"Expanding our warehouses and our distributing network"

Over the past 5 years, Riococo has made a name for itself among the world’s largest, medium to smallest high tech medium and low-tech cannabis growers. "Before that, since 2004, we've made a global brand name among produce growers in 62 countries," Edward McMahon says. "When we first introduced our 5…

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The profile of the typical Canadian farmer is changing

Many have chosen to leave the city to improve work-life balance, have more space, or find more affordable housing. Choosing to leave the city to switch careers and become farmers? Yes, this is also happening. Going from urbanite to full-fledged farmer is one giant leap of faith. A 2018 Statistics Canada…

India needs widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence to improve crop productivity

In order to fulfill the rising food demand, great emphasis is being given to efficient farming through automation in the field and need-based resource management in farm operations to improve crop productivity. Though the scientific advances help us in understanding the crop, soil, weather, and in what…

CEA Food Safety Coalition:

“As we demystify the growing process, we can show consumers why indoor farming makes sense”

“The Food and Drug Administration has released new thinking on traceability requirements in food and I think it’s a scenario where indoor farms can be an example. With indoor farms, we can track everything that has ever touched a plant,” says Marni Karlin, executive director of the CEA Food Safety…


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Introducing organic baby hemp greens

Field Fresh Farms, a grower/shipper of conventional and organic produce, will introduce its new baby hemp greens product at PMA Foodservice at booth 506 in Monterey, CA on July 21-22. Available as a baby leaf offering and as an ingredient in leafy green mixes to both foodservice and retail, this…

Sanctions imposed and reparation order satisfied

USDA PACA updates

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has imposed sanctions on Southern Produce Distributors Inc. (SPD), Faison, NC, for violating the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA). These…

EU countries commit to having 25% organic farming by 2030

The European ministers of Agriculture from the 27 EU countries have unanimously committed to the goal of having 25% of the bloc's agricultural area dedicated to organic…

Simon Plantive, in charge of organic purchasing and development at FRUIDIS

“Prices should go up again”

As a key player of the fruit and vegetable sector in the Loire Valley, Fruidis, based in Loire-Atlantique, is currently in the middle of its ratatouille vegetable campaign. The pepper, eggplant and tomato productions have been severely affected by aphid attacks, but the season is going quite well. “The season started on a high…


Transporting goods at more than 600 km/h

At the beginning of July, the American company Hyperloop TT presented its freight transport concept capable of carrying merchandise “at the speed of a plane and the cost of a train,” which is more than 600 km/h. The “HyperPort” project would make it possible to transport up to 2,800 containers per day. A…

Morocco plans to create a logistics platform in Poland to have better access to European markets

According to Hortoinfo, Morocco Foodex - the Moroccan body for the control and promotion of food exports under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development,…

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