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Friday, September 18, 2020

Windset Farms

B.C. partners with industry on energy efficiency at Delta greenhouse

Changes to a Delta greenhouse will help grow vegetables using about half the amount of natural gas to heat the facility, lowering its carbon footprint, increasing its energy efficiency and supporting a clean economy. “By working together with B.C. growers, we’re investing in more sustainable ways to…

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Kees Havenaar, Frutas Luna:

"Good start for greenhouse vegetables from Almería"

"When I arrived in Almería 34 years ago, exports often stopped around the end of May and started again sometime in October. For a number of years now, greenhouse vegetable exports from Almería have continued for all twelve months a year," says Kees Havenaar of Frutas Luna. "Large cooperatives can no…

PMA Virtual Town Hall

COVID-19: what’s the ROI on the industry’s pandemic investments?

Six months into the pandemic, the fresh produce industry has felt the economic impact of investing in greater resources around COVID-related safety—whether it’s educating workers, implementing physical distancing and more. But, as this week’s PMA virtual town hall discussed: what effect have these…

IGS signs significant export deal with Jungle to supply French retail market

Indoor agritech specialist IGS has today announced a significant export deal with experienced French urban agriculturalists, Jungle. The multi-million-pound deal will introduce IGS indoor growing platforms to Jungle’s operations, initially outside Paris, to grow a variety of crops to supply major French…

Alfen expands microgrid for lighting system Red Harvest

Red Harvest, one of the larger tomato growers in the Netherlands, is installing a grow lighting system in the last of its four greenhouses at their location in Middenmeer in the Netherlands. To this end, Alfen is expanding the existing microgrid to provide the necessary power supply to the lighting…

P.L. Light Systems

PL Light Systems releases leafy greens crop guide

Greenhouse and indoor grown leafy greens and culinary herbs provide many advantages over field grown crops, including a more stable climate, more consistent time to harvest, the ability to control lighting, shading, CO2, and increased food safety. Low ambient light levels in the winter and on cloudy…

Lettuce color!

With all the lockdowns and events cancelled, we're all at home a lot more than we used to. Are your little ones tired of it? Or are you? Gotham Greens has just the thing for you then, they have made a colouring book which you can download here.  This is just one of the many pictures in the book.  For more information: Gotham Greens

Daniel Frey (Frey Gemüse AG) on the convenience market

"Corona has hit high frequency locations particularly hard"

The Corona crisis has had a serious impact on sales in the food industry, especially in the hospitality industry. This is also being felt by manufacturers and suppliers in the convenience sector. "The sales sectors that are important for us, such as canteens, service stations and petrol stations -the…


Valoya launches two new greenhouse LED grow lights

Valoya has expanded its RX-Series line of greenhouse LEDs with two new models – RX500 and RX600. The new models are higher power, higher efficiency versions of the existing RX400 model and can be used as true 1-to-1 HPS replacements. RX500 and RX600 produce up to the staggering 1700 µmol/s of uniform…

Proprietary tomato plant that alerts farmer via iPhone when it's sick

InnerPlant, Inc., developer of genetically adapted living plant sensors, today launched its first sentinel plant, InnerTomato living sensor, a proprietary tomato plant that alerts…

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CO2 GRO Inc. announces commercial feasibility at Iowa strawberry greenhouse

Toronto based CO2 GRO Inc. is pleased to announce that it will install a Commercial Feasibility CO2 Delivery Solutions VCO2 system in a portion of Iowa based DeJong…


"Greenhouse campus a game changer for S.C. farming"

"Over the next two years, several hundred acres of land near Early Branch, South Carolina will be transformed into greenhouses for farming. Using recycled rainwater and high-tech climate controls, farming companies will grow tomatoes, leafy greens, berries and other crops safely and sustainably. Another…

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Key differences of growing vegetables vs. cannabis indoors

With legal cannabis becoming a growing part of the agriculture industry worldwide, it is not only sentiments toward cannabis that are changing. content by Agritecture Cannabis has a particular way of growing, so the industry and those looking to break in can’t treat it like they would a head of lettuce or a…

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at the NPEC greenhouse:

3D imaging – the Maxi-MARVIN

The Maxi-Marvin is a high throughput plant phenotyping device which has been developed in-house by Wageningen University & Research. The MARVIN technology generates 3D models of plants and accurately determines the size and shape of leaves and stems plus the overall architecture in milliseconds. SMO will integrate the Maxi-MARVIN…

Digital transformation in Spanish cooperatives

The role played by cooperatives as drivers of the digital transformation was the topic of the second DATAGRI 2020 webinar organized on July 9th by Agri-food Cooperatives of…

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Tony Bosse

Jamaica: 100 growers to benefit from $3.6-million project

According to Jamaica’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, approximately 100 growers across the island will benefit from the distribution of 70,000 vegetable seedlings and…

European greenhouse fruit and vegetable producers launch a promotional campaign

The European producers brought together in the organizations APROA, the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations of Andalusia, HORTIESPAÑA, the Spanish Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organization, and EUCOFEL (FruitVegetables Europe) have launched the promotional campaign…

"Teamwork and clarity are essential to moving swiftly and efficiently"

How growers prepare for hurricane season

Hurricane season is raging in the southeast of the United States. Hurricane Laura made landfall at the end of August, and currently Hurricane Sally is causing flooding in the Gulf Coast regions. Besides immediate damages from the high-speed winds and heavy rains, the aftereffects of these storms can…

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Fertilizer Daily

Russian greenhouse growers turn to LED

Oreon has entered the Russian market and will supply LED fixtures to the Agrokultura Group and Yelets Vegetables. These two companies are major players in the market and have been introduced to Oreon through their partnership with Lumex M. Agrokultura GroupThe Agrokultura Group is established…

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UK: Ground & air source heat pumps - Navigating the RHI

Many nurseries have proved that the RHI can provide a great additional income whilst allowing for substantially lower fuel supply costs. Growers are now regularly comparing Ground & Air Source systems to the commonly used Biomass since the government have guaranteed the incentive until March 2022.…

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Effect of silicon in fertigation on strawberries

The University of Hertfordshire has conducted a study using Orion Future Technology's product 'Sirius' which contains bioactive silicon. They have investigated the effects silicon has on strawberries and how it makes plants more resilient to pest and disease attack. The effects include an increase in the…

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Mohammed Ravanbakhsh

Utrecht scientists discover fast-forward plant improvement technology

Utrecht scientists demonstrates a new, non-GMO technology to develop new crops at a fraction of the costs of traditional breeding. By engineering the genes of bacteria that surround the plants the scientists obtained the same outcome as adjusting genes from the plant itself. They publish their findings…

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New Ready Sides™ launches with four flavors

Church Brothers Farms is launching three-minute microwavable Ready Sides – adding to its existing line of retail fresh-cut vegetables. This is the company’s first retail value added product bearing the Church Brothers Farms brand. Each unique side includes a seasoned butter puck with 8 ounces of fresh…

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Pablo Lozano with Garland comments on exhibiting at a virtual trade show

Rethinking how to display product

“People know us, but we like to show new products and packaging at this show.” So says Juan Pablo Lozano, whose company, Miami, Fl.-based Garland, LLC., has attended the annual PMA Fresh Summit show for the last four years. And with this year’s show being held virtually October 13-15, Garland is…

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EC prepares new initiatives to boost organic farming sector

The European Commission launched a public consultation on its future Action Plan on Organic Farming. This sector will play an important role in achieving the European Green…

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Model study shows that some US metro areas could feed themselves

A modeling study by Tufts University, published in Environmental Science & Technology, found that some but not all US metro areas could grow all the food they need within 155 miles. The study considered 378 metropolitan areas across the country, and found that metro centers in the Northwest and interior…

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US (NY): Wall-to-fork fresh produce comes to Monsey

The world of freshly harvested greens and herbs is looking up – literally – in Monsey, NY. The iconic Evergreen Market is debuting a revolutionary 20-foot high geoponic (soil-based) wall farm that lets customers not only choose clean, fresh-picked produce but also see exactly where it comes from. The…


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