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Friday, October 30, 2020

the story behind Atrium Agri

"A collaboration like this is unique in our sector"

In December 2019, the greenhouse horticulture sector was introduced to the name Atrium Agri when the Bom Group joined Atrium Agri. It marked the first time that the partnership between the entrepreneurs behind Havecon, VB, and PB tec was made public. Recently, Atrium Agri was in the news again, with the…

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The story of a small Sicilian producer

Growing tomatoes is not easy at the threshold of 2021

After a dramatic summer, the price of the tomato now seems to be favorable. However, operators in the sector are wondering how long will it last and, above all, if will it be enough to compensate the accumulated losses.  Salvatore Iozzia in a greenhouse with vine tomatoes Salvatore Iozzia, a producer from Vittoria…

KUBO opens autonomous cultivation pilot Blue Lab

Greenhouse constructor KUBO has opened its own test centre in 's-Gravenzande in the Netherlands: Blue Lab. In two Ultra-Clima greenhouses totalling 1,600 square metres in cultivation area, the Monster-based greenhouse constructor will be testing new concepts in practical circumstances, with respect to…

Iran: Growing saffron in a vertical installation

Iran is responsible for most of the global saffron cultivation and they're proud of being the global supplier of what is known as the most expensive spice in the world. Since it's a super expensive product, there's a lot of interest in ways to increase the production or decrease the loss in growing. You…

Menno van der Haven |

CAN (ON): Leamington waits to follow Kingsville’s lead on ‘light pollution’ bylaw

One day after Kingsville’s town council unanimously approved a bylaw to stop light pollution from greenhouses and odours from cannabis production, Leamington’s council voted unanimously to seek more information from growers and the public before considering a light pollution bylaw. Kingsville’s bylaw…

Wil Beekers, BerryWorld, The Netherlands

“Our new building should be 20% more efficient”

“After all these years, we were bursting at the seams. We even had to rent three additional locations. We needed sufficient capacity for storing and processing our soft fruit. That brings you to a point where the process is simply no longer efficient,” says Wil Beekers on the phone from BerryWorld’s new…

"We anticipate energy savings of approximately 2.4 to 3.3 kWh per square foot per year"

Candidus was awarded a $683,562 Conservation Innovation (CIG) Grant from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Working in collaboration with NRCS and CEA farmers across the US, the company will implement adaptive lighting control technology in 12 commercial greenhouses in Virginia, Michigan,…

Earlier than ever

The Greenery auctions first Dutch lit cultivation cucumbers

The Dutch nursery, Qcumber's first cucumbers from lit cultivation, were auctioned yesterday. That was at The Greenery Growers. This year, for the first time, there's an overlap between conventional and lit cultivation at The Greenery. Last year, Qcumber's crop came into production on 27 November. This…

First report of tomato brown rugose fruit virus in the Czech Republic

The NPPO of the Czech Republic recently informed the EPPO Secretariat of the first detection of tomato brown rugose fruit virus (Tobamovirus, ToBRFV – EPPO A2 List) on its…

First Moscow greenhouse cucumbers exported to the European Union

For the first time, cucumbers grown in greenhouses in the Moscow region have been exported to the European Union. Russian news source RIAMO shares this news in an interview with the Moscow region Minister of Agriculture and Food, Andrei Razin.  According to Andrei Razin, this year, new export destinations…

University of South Australia

Australia: Recycled water proves fruitful for greenhouse tomatoes

In the driest state in the driest continent in the world, South Australian farmers are acutely aware of the impact of water shortages and drought. So, when it comes to irrigation, knowing which method works best is vital for sustainable crop development. Now, new research from the University of South…

CambridgeHOK and Protium Green Solutions

"Transforming UK horticulture sector through use of Hydrogen-as-an-energy-service"

CambridgeHOK have signed an agreement with London-based Protium Green Solutions to work together and help speed up the decarbonisation of the UK horticultural sector through the increased use of green hydrogen energy solutions. Charlotte Penn & the CambridgeHOK headquarter The move sees two UK based energy…

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What's growing in a greenhouse 4000 meters above sea level?

Bailang County, Xigaze City, Tibet, on the Nyang Qu River, has an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters and is a traditional agricultural and animal husbandry county. In the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, the Zhufeng Modern Agricultural Technology Innovation Expo…

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Ontario growers notice longer tubers during harvesting

According to Ontario potato specialist Eugenia Banks’ October 5 update, in the Canadian province of Ontario, round varieties for both the fresh and processing markets have…

Cultivation more »

Vietnam strengthens efforts to restore production after floods

Over the last one month, widespread and heavy rains and floods have caused severe damages to both humans and property in the central provinces. According to statistics, during…

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Whole Foods Market partners with Infarm

Dutch ecommerce top 6 remain unchangedThe 6 biggest online stores in the Netherlands in 2019 are still the same 6 as in the year before. remains the biggest ecommerce player, with a revenue of 2.17bln euros. It’s followed by fellow Dutch companies Coolblue and Albert Heijn. Every year, Dutch…

Canadian Produce Marketing Association honors 2020 Produce Champion

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association has recognized its 2020 Produce Champion: Alistair MacGregor, Member of Parliament for Cowichan–Malahat–Langford and NDP Critic for…

Fresh Summit’s “Best of Show” winners are announced

Produce Marketing Association announced the “Best of Show” awards this week, a Fresh Summit tradition of recognition that celebrates innovation and creativity in marketing and product promotion. This year’s event featured virtual Marketplaces where exhibiting companies could customize and share their own…

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"Eupeodes-System – part of powerful new and improved aphid control strategy"

With a strong focus on innovation, Biobest’s new Eupeodes-System is a powerful new addition to its aphid control strategy. Uniquely providing dual ecosystem services - simultaneously controlling aphid infestations and contributing to pollination of several crops - Eupeodes-System is in a category of its…

How far-red light enrichment modulates tomato resistance towards Botrytis cinerea

Red and blue light are the major wavelength which are absorbed by leaf tissue and used for photosynthesis while others, i.e yellow and green light are reflected giving the…

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Mexico is the world's leading strawberry exporter

The considerable increase in Mexico's strawberry production over the last decade has positioned the country as the world's leading strawberry exporter. According to official statistics, the cultivated area of strawberries in Mexico grew by 63% between 2011 and 2019. On average, 10,375 hectares were…

Energy more »

New partnership will explore green hydrogen solutions for horticulture in the UK

CambridgeHOK have signed an agreement with London-based Protium Green Solutions to work together and help speed up the decarbonisation of the UK horticultural sector through…

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Hort Americas

The role of silicon as a nutrient in hydroponic recipes

Silicon (also known as silica, Si) is found in high quantities in open field production but is absent in hydroponic nutritional recipes. The lack of knowledge about the role of silicon (Si) in horticultural crops became apparent when using soilless / hydroponic systems.  Research has demonstrated that silicon…

Machines more »

Up to 150 cauliflowers per minute cut with new machine

The video below features a cauliflower cutting machine that can cut up to 150 cauliflower per minute. The cauliflower are placed directly from the field onto the conveyor belt of the machine that cuts the product into pieces. The video was produced by Sweere Food Processing Equipment.

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A visit to contact Auszeichnungssysteme in Hirschhorn:

"We attach so much importance to social, economic and ecological sustainability"

"Think about tomorrow today, preserve resources for future generations: That is wgat sustainability means." FreshPlaza's visit to K-D Hermann LLC contact Auszeichnungssysteme in the idyllic town of Hirschhorn am Neckar was dedicated to sustainability as well. From the lonely black garbage can, to…

Organic more »

India: Organic farming redefines Kashmir agriculture

In Kashmir, more than 2000 hectares of land are being brought under the cultivation of organic vegetables. The Director of Agriculture for Kashmir, Altaf Aijaz Andrabi, said…

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Etihad Cargo launches direct flight between Nairobi and Amsterdam

Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline and flag carrier of the UAE, after Emirates. Its head office is in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, near Abu Dhabi's International Airport. The company commenced operations in November 2003. Etihad Cargo has launched its direct flight between Nairobi and Amsterdam…

Food Safety more »

EC updates standards for Cucumber mosaic virus in tomato seeds

As published on Monday 26 October in the Official Journal of the European Union (EU), the European Commission (EC) has updated the legislation on measures against the…

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November 16-18, 2020

Join the first virtual South Holland Hebei Week

South Holland province maintains a government-to-government relationship with the province of Hebei, China, that is explicitly aimed at facilitating mutual…

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Research and indoor farming university network

When the pioneering vertical farms were established around the world, comparatively basic first-generation technology used created relatively inefficient systems compared with today. Although these operations only enabled the most basic functions to occur, they demonstrated how feasible it was to grow…


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