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Wouter Verkerke talks about new greenhouse crops

What do papayas, vanilla and black pepper have in common?

Do you recognize the second plant from the left in the below picture? Most of the participants in the webinar on the Greenhouse Pharmacy project, held as part of the WUR Urban Greenhouse Challenge, had no problems seeing this was a vanilla orchid. It got a bit trickier when Professor Wouter Verkerke…

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Buwatec helping clients digitally:

Downloading water tanks from across the world

“Several months ago we received an order from Qatar, for large water tanks,” tells Pieter Versluis with Buwatec. The Dutch water storage system manufacturer normally works with a worldwide dealer network, through which dealers help local customers with the installation of the tanks. “This could not be…

British raspberry breeding programme results in three new varieties

James Hutton Limited is introducing three new raspberry varieties to soft fruit growers in 2020 including two primocanes, Lewis and Skye.  Plants are now available from RW Walpole and Genson BV in the EU, and from Global Plant Genetics and Meiosis in select territories out with the EU. Lewis and Skye are the…

AGROS programme launched by Wageningen University

Optimising agroecology with technology

Society has become more critical of the greenhouse horticulture, arable farming and dairy industries and demands change, but the current farming systems can only meet this demand to a limited extent. The way forward will involve a transition to a healthier and more resilient agricultural and…

Videos for seasonal workers harvesting strawberries and rhubarb

The season for harvesting strawberries and rhubarb is beginning – but there is still a shortage of seasonal workers due to the coronavirus crisis. Skilled helpers are in short supply. After its first training videos for harvesting asparagus, GLOBALG.A.P. has now produced videos for harvesting other…


Vladimir Putin wants to increase grower support

The President of the Russian Federation has conducted a video conference on the situation in the agricultural industry as well as in food production. Agriculture in Russia today is a high tech industry with good potential for development, considers Mr. Putin; however, the competitive side of the…

The greenhouses of the future

Recirculating hydroponics and robotic technology to save on fertigation and labour

This is what the greenhouses of the future are like: recirculating hydroponics and robotic technology to save on fertigation and labour. They allow double cultivation and increase production by taking full advantage of the surface with high densities, generating greater profitability. This innovation…

Spectrum technology licensing program by Valoya

"We have always been curious about the possibilities of light"

Valoya, a LED grow light manufacturer announced a licensing program making their patented technology available to LED manufacturers and horticultural LED fixture providers. Valoya’s patent portfolio in the field of horticultural LED lighting is a result of innovation and investments into R&D over the…

Connecting people with jobs in B.C.’s agricultural sector

British Columbians are now able to access a new online resource that will make it easier to learn about jobs and careers in agriculture, while providing farmers, seafood businesses and food processors with a one-stop shop to support their hiring and planning needs. The new B.C. Farm, Fish and Food Job…

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James Dyson intent on growing berries for UK market year-round

James Dyson's farming company has announced it will construct a six hectare glasshouse to grow strawberries year round for the UK market. Agricultural business Beeswax Dyson…

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American Farmland Trust releases report

Threats to New England’s farmland and food production

American Farmland Trust (AFT), the organization behind the national “No Farms No Food” movement released “Farms Under Threat, A New England Perspective” at its February 19th Food, Farms, Fisheries, and Forests: Diet, Climate, Conservation, and a Healthy Future for New England conference, sponsored by The…

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Comparison of the technology of aquaponic systems

Aquaponics is the combined culture of fish and plants in recirculating aquaculture systems, an ecologically sustainable horticultural production technique with long traditions. The objective of this study is to compare flood-and-drain and a water crossflow system and examine the differences in the water…

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Swiss technology works to increase growth, quality and health of melon crops

Many growers throughout the world have to use low-quality water for irrigating their crops. This might be because it is the only water available to them, or to save on costs. This low-quality water often has high levels of salt and this can be harmful to the crops as well as to the soil. Swiss company…

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Queensland vegetable producer set to increase supply after government funding

A Lockyer Valley vegetable farm will be able to increase its supply capability, following a funding boost from the Queensland Government. Vanstone Produce will improve packing…

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Almeria, Spain

Biostimulant trial achieves increasing the production yield of zucchini

The Brandt Europe company, a subsidiary of the American company that is an agricultural leader for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, has managed to increase the production yield of zucchini by one to two kilos per square meter using two biostimulant solutions. The trial, which was carried out on a…

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keeping staff safe and operations working properly with less direct supervision

"We can go home, but the plants can’t"

The Covid-19 pandemic affects companies across all industries and horticultural operations are no exception. Making sure staff are safe and operations are working properly with less direct supervision is very important. Argus Controls talked to some of their clients and learned how they have been coping…

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MTU Series 4000 gas engine output passes the 3000 mark

The Series 4000 natural gas engine has been part of Rolls-Royce's MTU-branded product portfolio since October 2004. The 3000th gas genset has now rolled off the production line. It will be delivered to VPower Group, one of the world's leading system integrators in the power generation sector, for a…

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Verano365 launches Nutrivix

New root system improvement product

Verano365 is releasing a new product for greenhouse, nursery and hydroponic growers, which intends to improve the plants root system development.  The product is Nutrivix Zn | CU,…

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Syngenta opens demo greenhouse

"Breeding for the entire world from the new centre Tomato Vision"

"At Syngenta we call this our active greenhouse. Of course this is not the only place where we breed tomatoes, but here breeding is done by using the most advanced techniques. Everything is possible: we can breed for the entire world because we can simulate all circumstances. Therefore, with this…

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Rootstock and arbuscular mycorrhiza effects on eggplant

The herbaceous grafting of fruiting vegetables is considered a toolbox for safeguarding yield stability under various distresses and for improving fruit quality. Inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) fungi seems also to be an efficient tool for increasing the assimilation, uptake and translocation…

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Show gives grower a chance to show off its uniqueness

For one vertical indoor organic grower, this year’s United Fresh LIVE! is a chance to potentially reach a broader audience. “We want to be able to talk to a wider span of people with this show,” says Don Helms of Rockingham, VA-based That’s Tasty. “It’s new territory so we’re looking at interesting and…

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Green refrigeration system

At A.C. Hartman in the North of The Netherlands, mainly tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers are grown for customers like the premium supermarket chain Albert Heijn and Bakker Barendrecht, one of the largest fruit and vegetable companies. Recently Hartman was acquired by Best Fresh Group. The ambition of Best Fresh is to market…

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US: FDA report provides clues to prevent future outbreaks

California leafy greens growers are pledging to incorporate findings from a report issued today by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into its ongoing process to…

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Farmers to Families Food Box and CFAP programs discussed at this week's PMA virtual town hall

This week’s virtual town hall featured Bruce Summers of the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service and Hunt Shipman of Cornerstone Government Affairs. The topics of discussion were the overall progress of the Farmers to Families Food box Program, as well as the recently announced CFAP program. This special…

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Workshops inspire companies, public entities to take up urban farming

Agritecture’s digital workshops are suited for both private companies and public entities looking to explore how urban agriculture might fit in with their current projects or long-term goals. Working closely with the host and their unique priorities, Agritecture plans, organizes, and carries out the entire workshop…


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