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Verano365 launches Nutrivix

New root system improvement product

Verano365 is releasing a new product for greenhouse, nursery and hydroponic growers, which intends to improve the plants root system development.  The product is Nutrivix Zn | CU,…

Resource utilization efficiency in continuous lettuce production

New plant production systems with a low environmental impact (or a high resource utilization efficiency) are necessary for urban agriculture development. A recent study explores the benefits of closed plant production systems (CPPSs) with artificial lighting using a commercial CPPS at Osaka Prefecture…

With or without corona

Production and transport of fertilizers continue as usual

The border controls are more strict than ever, due to the Corona crisis. India is even in the largest lockdown in the world, 1.5 billion people who are afraid for more outbreaks. To send a ship there at this time means even more administration than usual, but it does continue, tells Dave Pinxteren with…


Main root adaptations in pepper germplasm to phosphorus low-input conditions

Agriculture will face many challenges regarding food security and sustainability. Improving phosphorus use efficiency is of paramount importance to face the needs of a growing population while decreasing the toll on the environment. Pepper (Capsicum spp.) is widely cultivated around the world; hence, any…

Crop response to low phosphorus bioavailability with a focus on tomato

Tomato is a high-value crop that has potential to enhance its P-use efficiency. While phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient, supplies are finite and much of the P supply in agricultural soils is not bioavailable after application due to reactions such as soil adsorption, immobilization, or…

"Nutrients and plant resilience? A very simple mechanism"

Growers are slowly beginning to realize just how important the right nutrients are to the resilience and health of crops. It demands a shift in thinking, from curative to preventative. Dutch consultant Plant Health Mark van der Werf of Koppert Biological Systems hopes that this new way of thinking will…

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