Sage essential oil improves the effectiveness of aloe vera gel on postharvest quality of tomato fruit

Edible coating is extensively applied for fresh produce preservation. In a recent study, Aloe vera gel (AV) alone or combined with sage essential oil (EO; 0.1% or 0.5%) was…

Italy: Retailers use Blockchain and QR Codes for traceability

Large Italian retail chains and several food manufacturers are investing in projects to monitor and trace the entire food supply chain in order to make it more transparent to customers, for example, by enabling them to identify information on the label using a smartphone. Modern consumers are quite…

Gina Nucci - Mann’s Fresh Vegetables:

"Why more companies should follow Mann’s lead on GMO labelling"

A vast majority of fresh fruits and vegetables are “non-GMO” by default. In the way the “GMO” is often defined, there are currently only 10 commercially available genetically engineered crops in the U.S. That being said, it is worth repeating from time to time that California-based Mann’s Fresh Vegetables…

Background colour affects appeal of vegetables

The background colour of vegetables affects the level of appeal consumers ascribe to it, according to research from Brigham Young University in Utah and the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. It turns out consumers consider vegetables with a black background to be more appealing. Scientists…

That time when Netto put cats in their supermarket

Having a rough start of the week? We'll help you with this one. Let's look back at 2006 when German retailer Netto decided to create a mini supermarket fully equipped for cats. Including the cucumber scare!   

CAN (ON): Winning berry display freshly picked

Ontarians have cast their votes for the best grocery store berry display in this year's Consumers' Choice Contest. The award goes to Longo's #30 in Mount Pleasant - Brampton for building the most creative display of Ontario berries. "Congratulations to Longo's #30 in Mount Pleasant - Brampton for…

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