When being built it was the largest rooftop farm in Europe. Last July, the Dutch rooftop farm UF De Schilde was declared bankrupt. It sprung a discussion about the viability of indoor farming. Also we had Cultivate, GPEC and the Hydroponic Farmers Conference. 

Klaas van Egmond, Delphy:
"Robot to tell growers when plants get sick" 
Scout robot IRIS! won the Innovation Concept Award during the Greentech in Amsterdam! It is the result of cooperation between multiple horticulture companies. With its multiple sensors, the robot can gather information about the crops. Klaas van Egmond of Delphy explains;

CAN (BC): PUF and Houweling's Group set up cannabis plant nursery 
PUF, an advanced Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations ("ACMPR") license applicant, has formed Propagation Services Canada, which will provide "flower ready" starter plants to Cannabis Cultivators in Canada and internationally. PSC was jointly formed with PUF and Casey Houweling, a vegetable.....

Dutch rooftop farm declared bankrupt 
When being built it was the largest rooftop farm in Europe. Now the Dutch rooftop farm UF De Schilde has been declared bankrupt. The farm, realised on top of an empty 1950s office block, hasn't been able to compete with the nearby Westland region.

Urban Farmers bankruptcy 
"Vertical farming is difficult in the Netherlands" 
A lot of attention for the bankruptcy of Urban Farmers in the Netherlands yesterday. The company grew vegetables and fish in a Dutch rooftop farm. From the start, the project was met with scepticism and the bankruptcy generated a lot of reactions. Is there room for Urban Farming in Europe?

a blog by Maren Schoormans, Priva 
Urban F***ers?
How would you spell this title? What is your verdict: Farmers or Failers? The startup Urban Farmers went bankrupt and the recent news generates quite a bit of discussion in the horticultural sector. 

demonstration in Dutch nursery 
Here it is: Pepper harvest robot Sweeper in action 
Gliding over the pipe rails in the Dutch nursery De Tuindershoek is a machine, matching the bright yellow peppers on the plants. There's a mechanical sound and flashes appear. Shortly after a gripper moves toward one of the ripe fruits and a sawing sound follows. 

Miquel Ribera, Conic System: 
"Horticulture in Syria is growing" 
The Mediterranean climate in Turkey, Israel and Egypt makes those countries perfect for horticulture. Syria isn’t usually included in that list, although its climate is also perfectly suitable for horticulture. 

Australia: 200 delegates attend Hydroponic Farmers Federation conference 
The Hydroponic Farmers Federation recently held their bi-annual conference in Melbourne, Victoria. The conference featured a packed speaker program as well as a trade show and specialised site visits on the second day. Around 200 delegates attended the conference that had something for everyone.

Cultivate'18: It's picture time! 
Here is the photo report of Cultivate ’18, the largest all-industry horticulture exposition and convention in North America. This three-day event concluded last Tuesday and brought together a nicely balanced mix of greenhouse technology, supplies, seeds, ornamental starting material.

It's all about lettuce at the GPEC, Tokyo 
You'll have a hard time finding any country in the world with more attention to the healthiness, freshness and quality of food than Japan. There's a clear place on the plate for veggies. How this effects the industry, became clear last week on the GPEC exhibition in Japan, Xander van der Zande with DanDutch.....