It only seems like a week ago that the Canadian Greenhouse Conference finished - but it was October for sure. And more happened that month. The rise of the Russian glasshouse industry became clear when new numbers were published, as well as a recap of the rise of the industry. 

Seed meets Technology
Niche event unites the seeds industry
Last week the fifth edition of Seed meets Technology took place . During this conference in Zwaagdijk - in the midst of all the open days at breeders in the area - the breeding sector met to discuss the latest developments on seeds and seed technology. Check out the complete photo report here .

Horticoop divests wholesale activities
Horticoop, a cooperative and one of the biggest horticultural suppliers in the Netherlands for more than 100 years, especially in greenhouse supply, is shifting its focus more on development and greenhouse technology and therefore decided to sell their wholesale activities in the Netherlands in fertilizers and crop protection. 

CGC Bus Tour: challenges in a good market to Canadian enterprises
Due to the switch being made by its competitors to cannabis and the gap occurring in the market, the team of plant nursery Waldan Gardens has decided to expand its company faster than originally planned. It's one example on how the cannabis industry affects the whole horticultural industry at the moment.


Combined entity will have 3.5 million square feet of growing space
CAN (BC): Bevo Agro taken over by cannabis grower, changes name to Zenabis
Bevo Agro has signed an Arrangement Agreement dated October 4, 2018 with Sun Pharm for a reverse take-over of Bevo. The Transaction involves three main elements: the amalgamation of Sun Pharm with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bevo, with Sun Pharm shareholders receiving Bevo shares representing 86% of the outstanding Bevo shares.

Canadian Greenhouse Conference'18: here's the recap
In Canada today Thanksgiving is celebrated, and what could be better on an official holiday than looking at a bunch of photos? That's what we thought, so today we bring you the recap of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference. The annual event takes place in Niagara Falls and is one of the biggest events for the North American market. 

CAN (ON): DelFrescoPure announces partnership with CubicFarms
A new partnership between DelFrescoPure and CubicFarms has resulted in the LivingCube – a system of automated vertical farming growing machines that continuously produces living lettuce, living basil and microgreens all year long. 

"State support to the greenhouse sector will be decreasing"
Russia: Greenhouse crops hit record high
According to a forecast by the association Greenhouses of Russia, vegetable crops grown in greenhouses will exceed the highest numbers in the whole history of Russian agriculture and will reach 1.1 million tons. The Technologii Rosta company have made a similar projection. 

Four million sealed bell peppers for cruise ships and military bases per year
Recording a TV show at your company, changing buyers and a 15th anniversary. Three good reasons to make a new company film, according to bell pepper sorter MidFresh in Harmelen, the Netherlands. As of late August, a modern company film is online, featuring drone images of the entire production process. 

The roar of Russia’s glass bear
Greenhouses are big business in Russia right now. With the road to self-sustainability the Kremlin has been walking in recent years, the acreage of vegetables under glass has seen a huge increase.

Cannabis legalization: challenges and opportunities
Canada rolls out the green carpet
October 17, 2018. On this historical day, recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada. While medical marijuana has been legal for some time now, the legalization of recreational pot in such a big potential market represents a paradigm shift in the industry. 

Lift cart collects data while crop work is done
It looks like a lift cart, it works like a lift cart but it’s not just a lift cart. The new Ecoation machine, the OKO lift cart, not only enables workers to lower, clip or twist the plants, but at the same time collects a large amount of data, offering insights on the crop and the expected yield. 

Photo report: Horticulture at PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando
This past Friday and Saturday, PMA’s annual Fresh Summit trade show was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The show attracted a record number of over 1,200 exhibitors, and according to PMA’s CEO Cathy Burns, the show increasingly attracts exhibitors from outside North America. 

Breeder focuses on nutritional value
First pepper launch for Axia Vegetable Seeds
You might know breeding company Axia Vegetable Seeds best from their extensive range of tomato products. Get ready for something new then, if you are visiting the Fruit Attraction in Madrid this week. The company launches sweet pointed pepper ETNA Healthy during the exhibition. 

Vegetable towers to rise in Parisian suburbs
The French sure like their cities green. The country has seen a boom in urban farming over the last couple of years. In various projects both the government and various private parties have been launching ideas and concepts, and building farms to grow vegetables in the cities. The latest project to be launched is…