An open day at F.lli Fronte in the Pachino area (SR) organised by Bayer's Vegetable Seeds and Crop Protection departments took place a few days ago. Professionals such as Rosario Tumino (Sales Specialist Tomato Fresh Market - Nunhems Italy srl/Bayer), Giuseppe Cortese (Field Marketing Specialist - Bayer) and Govanni Inghisciano (Crop Science - Bayer) as well as other specialists welcomed numerous producers, field technicians and traders and illustrated the qualities of the cherry tomato, Jungle F1.

Left to right: Rosario Tumino and Giuseppe Cortese

Guests could observe the good results achieved by the Jungle F1 variety, which is particularly suitable for greenhouse cultivation and is ideal for transplants between December and the end of summer.

"Fruits have a deep red colour and have excellent tolerance to cracking. Plants have close internodes, do not need vigour-reducing products and are not affected by high temperatures."

Guests could also learn more about crop protection means and methods thanks to Bayer Crop Science experts, who provided specialist advice.

Above and below: Jungle F1 cherry tomatoes

"In addition to the varieties developed by Bayer which were admired today, we could also showcase our technical means. To fully develop their potential high-quality seeds need a suitable defence strategy."

Bayer Crop Science technicians monitored Jungle F1 tomatoes from the pre-transplant phase ensuring the correct management of significant problems such as nematodes, aphids, thrips, mites, insects and fungi. 

The video

"Both small and large producers are pleased with the information network, field assistance and wide range of product and services we can supply as Bayer."

Guided tour of the greenhouse

"A continuous exchange of information is the best way to solve the problems that affect crops in areas such as this one."

Bayer technicians at the open day in Pachino 

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Dr. Giuseppe Cortese

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