This week there is again a good opportunity to leave your greenhouse for a couple of days and see several tomato variety trials in Holland.

Some of the breeders will be showcasing their innovations during special days and events, others are open to visitors on request.

Axia Vegetable Seeds opens the doors of its demo greenhouses again in Naaldwijk on Wednesday September 7. Visitors have a chance to see 150 Axia tomato varieties in all categories. One greenhouse is dedicated to tomatoes of 100 grams and more, and one greenhouse is dedicated to specialty varieties. Please contact to arrange your visit.

De Ruiter Seeds opens its doors of its Tomato Experience Centre in 's-Gravenzande on Wednesday September 7. Here you can not only see the latest De Ruiter varieties, but also a nice selection of new and existing rootstocks.

Rijk Zwaan is showcasing its varieties at their Trial Center Tomato in Kwintsheul on Thursday September 8. You can arrange an appointment by sending an e-mail to Rijk Zwaan in the Netherlands at

Hazera will present a selection of coarse and middle TOV's plus specialty tomatoes during an open house at the Delphy Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk on Tuesday September 13. Please contact to make you appointment.

Sakata has a demo greenhouse with their latest snack tomatoes and cherry tomatoes in multiple colors on display. Please contact Pieter Vermeulen via +31653730188 or to make you appointment.

Gautier organizes its Discovery Days from April to November 2016 at the premises of Zwinkels Green Balance in 's-Gravenzade. Here you can get a preview of their latest latest varietal creations for many market segments; have a look at nearly 140 commercial and development varieties. Please sent Yvo Lens an e-mail to make an appointment -

Enza Zaden showcasedits innovations during their annual HouseFair in June. Some highlights on display were the jointless loose tomato Milaneza, large vine Maxeza (E15M.40620) and the cocktail tomato Annaïsa. The demo's are still open and those interested can make an appointment with Monique Mol via

Nunhems Vegetable Seeds has a demo greenhouse full of their current offerings and new varieties like Foundation, Extension, Progression and more. Please contact Harm Ammerlaan at to arrange your visit.

Eminent has a demo house in Poeldijk to showcase several pepper varieties like Santander, a baby sweet pepper (Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown), Bilbao sweet pointed pepper (Red, Yellow and White), Vigo baby seet pepper (Red, Yellow, Orange and Brownn). As well as this the Tuijana Habanero chilli pepper (Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown) and Naga Jolokia (Red and Yellow) will be on display. Make your appointment via

Also Westland Seeds can be visited in Maasdijk to see a selection of new pepper varieties. Contact for more information.