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Horticultural innovations at Fruit Logistica

With Fruit Logistica coming up, many companies are showcasing new products. Here, we highlight a number of them that are relevant to horticulture.

Improving uptake efficiency and soil stability
Vegand plant-based fertiliser

Vegand is a plant fertiliser containing natural ingredients that release nutrients and microorganisms to improve uptake efficiency and soil stability. The quality of the fertiliser components ensures that the organic nitrogen from 100% plant-based sources is released gradually. The presence of selected plant proteins and amino acids improves soil chemistry and optimises the activity of microorganisms. Vegand contains organic nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium and vegetable carbon to support plant nutrition and soil composition. The exhibitor's objective is to help growers develop a new fertilisation concept that takes into account the new soil protection techniques. The product composition interacts with soil microorganisms – the key to good soil fertility.

Fomet spa
IT-San Pietro di Morubio
Hall 10.1, Booth A-02
Contact: Angelo Giambruno
Phone: +39-045-6969004
[email protected]

Fast and cost-effective seasonal tying systems
Tomato ties

Tiefix rolls and Tiefix-HD tying pliers are an ideal solution for fast and cost-effective seasonal ties in vineyards and orchards, in horticulture and in nurseries. The tool produces the tape in a single movement and combines twisting and cutting in a single operation. The biodegradable tie decomposes in six to eight months, while the photodegradable tie requires eight to ten months. Instead of having to be cut off at the end of the season, the decomposed tie simply drops off. This saves a lot of time. The 250 and 500-metre Tiefix rolls dramatically reduce tying time by enabling continuous, seamless dispensing. And the precisely wound Tiefix rolls can be managed quickly and cost-effectively with the new light and convenient Tiefix-HD tying pliers, a trade fair premiere at Fruit Logistica 2017.

General Plastics Srl
Hall 7.1a, Booth B-03
Contact: Cristian Franchi
Phone: +39-06-8889941
[email protected]

Sustainable plant bag for growing tasty tomatoes
Sustainable plant bag

Greenyard Horticulture presents a sustainable plant bag for the cultivation of aromatic tomatoes as a trade fair premiere at Fruit Logistica 2017. The bag is fully compostable and filled with 100% organic substrate, and is being marketed as an alternative to conventional rock wool. It can be used to cultivate different varieties of greenhouse vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peppers. Tomatoes are particularly susceptible to the "crazy roots syndrome". This is significantly inhibited by the new grow bag with its unique chemical, physical and biological properties. The grow bag represents a more sustainable alternative for growers because it is made of natural products and is completely compostable. Trials in Belgium have also shown that tomatoes cultivated on an organic substrate were found to be more tasty.

Hall 5.2, Booth A-03
Contact: Nancy Goovaerts
Phone: +32-15-324296
[email protected]

Balanced growth and anti-stress fertilisation for all cultivation types
High-tech fertiliser

RS technology, an innovative manufacturing process developed by the exhibiting company, reduces the size of particles in suspension and improves the fertiliser's affinity with the plant. RS technology enables micronisation of the particles in a solution that can be spread evenly on plant surfaces for better penetration of leaves and roots. The special advantages of this process inspired Hydro Fert to further develop two of its best products: Grow Quick and Vigor L Rapido. Both can be used in organic agriculture and will be making their trade fair debut at Fruit Logistica 2017. Grow Quick is an organic nitrogen fertiliser that stimulates balanced growth throughout the cultivation cycle. Vigor L Rapido is a biostimulating product that provides anti-stress fertiliser for all cultivation types.

Hydro Fert s.r.l.
Hall 10.1, Booth B-12
Contact: Francesco Di Pietro
Phone: +39-0883-513494
[email protected]

Healthier plants and 100% eco-friendly
Double Tray System

DTS, the Double Tray System from Ina Plastics, is an innovative solution for seedling propagation and hydroponics. This new product consists of a top layer for sowing and transplanting plugs and root cuttings, and a rigid bottom layer that provides support when suspended on propagation rails. According to the exhibitor, the product's intelligent construction makes DTS a superior alternative to Styrofoam EPS trays. Compared to EPS, DTS offers numerous advantages when it comes to productivity, logistics and lower price – without the EPS drawbacks, because it produces healthier plants and is 100% eco-friendly. DTS has already been introduced in most operations throughout Greece and is being used by many companies worldwide. Various sizes and cell-count configurations are available. The 300 and 171 cell variations measuring 67 x 33cm are celebrating their world premiere at Fruit Logistica 2017.

Ina Plastics SA
Hall 8.1, Booth B-25
Contact: Kostas Tsonakis
Phone: +30-210-5580126
[email protected]

Navigational aids for bumblebees
Natupol Excel beehive

Bumblebees have orientation problems when daylight is reduced by factors such as the use of artificial light during the darkest months of the year or extra layers of poly covers. The ‘bee vision’ features on Natupol Excel hives are designed to help bumblebees navigate in these and other unfavourable conditions. Natupol Excel, a European premiere at Fruit Logistica 2017, is specifically developed for crops with a high number of blossoming flowers, including cherry tomatoes and (straw)berries and can be used in illuminated greenhouses. Strategically placed reflective cues on the boxes and additional colour cues around the hive entry improve visibility. This conforms to the visual spectrum of bumblebees and improves pollination results. The hive has a bigger colony, large ventilation holes equipped with a smart intruders block and 19% more sugar water for increased and longer pollination.

Koppert Biological Systems
NL-Berkel en Rodenrijs
Hall 1.2, Booth D-08
Contact: Judita Bokrosova
Phone: +31-5140444
[email protected]

Premium range and online platform for tomatoes
Premium range

Med Hermes Vegetable Seeds is presenting its new premium range for the European market at Fruit Logistica 2017: Anahita, Bacco, Melite, Tomperino, Rosambra and Urano F1. The company's philosophy focuses on rediscovering the Mediterranean tradition of flavour and colour, especially in tomatoes and peppers. Along with their premium range, the exhibitors are presenting their new blog: An online platform dedicated to tomatoes, TomatoCult aims to open the channels of communication between growers and consumers. On the blog, consumers can find photos, videos and interviews on what's behind the agricultural production process and the products they consume.

MED Hermes s.r.l.
Hall 10.1, Booth A-07
Contact: Celia Tardio
Phone: +39-0932-669031
[email protected]

Time-saving soil management for asparagus and strawberry cultivation
Profi Star machine series

Metasa is presenting a series of innovative multifunctional devices for soil management with the trade fair premiere of the Profi Star machinery line at Fruit Logistica 2017. These machines combine previously separate processes and lower working time by up to two-thirds. The robust ProfiStar machines loosen the tractor path and topsoil, cleanly cut the straw and form/flatten mounds. At the same time they smooth the earth's surface. The plant-conserving and fuel-saving machines are available in several variants ranging from lightweight for strawberries (Profi Star) to medium weight (Profi Star Maxi) and extra wide for large asparagus and vegetable farms (Profi Star Mega). The machines are equipped with various crumbling rollers and a flexible mounting frame for additional functions. Other advantages include the flexible use of the roadworthy machines on the front or rear tractor hydraulic systems along with adjustable height and working widths.

Metasa GmbH
Hall 8.1, Booth A-20
Contact: Jörg Primus
Phone: +49-2043-3783630
[email protected]

Natural ventilation and insect protection nets
SVN greenhouse

The SVN greenhouse is specially designed for cultivating agricultural products in Mediterranean and other regions, where climatic conditions are unsuitable for cost-effective operation of high-tech greenhouses. It will be presented as a world premiere at Fruit Logistica 2017. The greenhouse concept includes the costs for the building and management. Ventilation is efficient and natural, since this has proven to be an efficient and cost effective approach to creating a microclimate. At the same time, securely installed insect protection nets provide an effective method for biological pest control. This enables growers to supply hygienic, healthy and safe horticultural products and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Opus et Vita s.r.l.
IT-Santomenna Salerne
Hall 8.1, Booth A-12
Contact: Giovanni Catale
Phone: +39-0828-911194
[email protected]

Vigorous, fast growing, appealing colour
Fluence F1 hybrid chard

Red chard is becoming increasingly popular as a colourful enhancement in baby leaf salad mixtures and because of its nutritional value. The challenge in the production of red chard is to ensure an appealing, clean green leaf with red veins throughout the year. Along with the "Ampera F1" and "Volt F1" hybrids, Pop Vriend Seeds has developed a wide range of new hybrids. These include "Fluence F1" and "Ion F1", which will be introduced as a world premiere at Fruit Logistica 2017. Both are vigorous with a medium tolerance against downy mildew and bleeding diseases, and have proved to be relatively unattractive to thrips. Furthermore, they are fast growing with an appealing colour, cleaner in the plant stock and require less pesticide. In addition to red chard, the exhibitor offers green hybrid chard "Prius F1" and "PV-9013". These hybrids are also vigorous, moderately resistant to downy mildew and suitable for bundling.

Pop Vriend Seeds BV
Hall 1.2, Booth D-11
Contact: Kim Gieling
Phone: +31-228-595321
[email protected]

Clusters grow in a herringbone pattern
Otello F1, Monica F1, Guilty F1 and Achille F1

"Otello F1" broccoli takes 70 to 75 days to mature, weighs 800 to 900 grams on average and has a green-bluish colour with tiny pearls. It is suitable for outdoor cultivation in spring and autumn. "Monica F1" iceberg lettuce is a vigorous plant with light green leaves, an average weight of 500 to 600 grams and good tolerance against high temperatures. The "Guilty F1" red cluster tomato grows from medium-sized plants, a medium distance between internodes and robust clusters with five to six fruits weighing 140 to 160 grams each. This variety is suitable for year-round greenhouse cultivation, as is the "Achille F1" red cluster tomato with balanced, medium-size plants and an average internode length. The clusters with five to six fruits weighing 120 to 150 grams each grow in a herringbone pattern. The four new varieties will be presented for the first time at Fruit Logistica 2017.

Southern Seed srl
IT-Vittoria Provinz Ragusa
Hall 1.2, Booth B-18
Contact: Marinella Inghisciano
Phone: +39-0932-861054
[email protected]

Combining taste and convenience with consumer expectations
Multi-floret 049 broccoli

Syngenta Seeds develops value-added varieties to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and meet key consumer demands when it comes to taste, aroma, healthy nutrition and eating enjoyment. Syngenta is presenting three European premieres at Fruit Logistica 2017. The unique new ivory-coloured "Ivorino" baby plum tomato (code 313217, trade name pending registration) supplements the well-known premium baby plum tomato family, including "Angelle" (10th anniversary in 2017), "Sweetelle", "Seychelles", "Bamano" and "Bambelo". The red, round "Karelya" cherry tomato expands the exhibitor's core market with even better taste, more intense colour, longer shelf life and virus resistance. All parts of the "Multi-floret 049" broccoli are edible. This plant also offers excellent field performance and is suitable for mechanical harvesting.

Syngenta S.A.S.
Hall 10.1, Booth A-12
Contact: Jérémie Chabanis
Phone: +33-7-86887029
[email protected]

Improved germination rate and storage of seed dosage data
Rail bench system

The rail bench system from Trinog is particularly suited to leafy vegetables and melons that are sown on a large scale. It will be presented at Fruit Logistica 2017 for the first time in Europe and consists primarily of a U-shaped support, a Y-type rail, an EPS tray and a seed treatment machine. An optional seeder, germination chamber and movable sprinkler irrigation system are also available. The nursery system itself offers high efficiency and excellent quality, requires little investment, is flexible for partition management, and uses reusable materials. With an automatic unit the efficiency of the business can be increased considerably to match that of a large-scale nursery. One of the exhibitor's clients now uses the system in Kenya in a 2.7 hectare greenhouse. Its many advantages include improved germination rates, storage of seed dosage data, and a greenhouse capacity utilisation of over 82%.

Trinog-xs (Xiamen) Greenhouse Tech Co., Ltd
Hall 8.1, Booth B-23
Contact: Snow Woo
Phone: +86-592-5029000
[email protected]
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