Mary Agrotechnologies announces that the company entered a strategic partnership with Changzhi Yufeng Agricultural Technology Development, one of the largest vertical farms in China. Mary AG CEO and founder Frank Qin wanted to take what started as cannabis home cultivation technology and turn it into something that could truly change how the world grows food. With this new partner, Qin believes the door has finally opened. 

Based in Shanxi, China, Yufeng owns and operates one of the largest vertical farms in the country, which is dubbed as a "plant factory." The parties have agreed to collaborate on a pilot project of 700 m2 (approx. 7,535 sq. ft.) with Mary Agrotech's proprietary automation technology, including its proprietary vertical farming hardware and AI-driven automation software.

"The farm is in a great location as over 600 million people reside within its 500-mile radius. As only about 12% of China's landmass is arable, food security is a key focus for the country, and this pilot is proof that our technology has its advantages to be a part of that massive market," said Frank Qin, CEO of the Company. 

According to official data, 16.1% of China's soil and 19.4% of its arable land showed contamination, an area larger than the total area of the UK, France, and Spain combined. As China's middle-class population reached 700 million in 2020, and is expected to add another 350 million by 2030, demand for quality food has been rapidly growing.

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