The crop rotation will soon take place again in the northern hemisphere. It’s always a challenging period for growers. In a period of a few weeks a lot has to happen, including a thorough cleaning of the greenhouse. These jobs are often very labor-intensive, so Steenks Service offers a number of options to make the work easier.

Clean concrete paths and pipe rail trolleys
"To properly clean the concrete path, the grower can use our Stefix 1000 STILE. This easy-to-operate machine has a 1000 mm wide brush. This makes it easy to clean the floors." The pipe rail trolleys also become dirty after frequent use. Think of the green deposit that is stuck to the machines. To remove this easily, Steenks Service offers the Frekofix total cleaner. "This cleaner is easy to use, which will save you a lot of time."

Disinfection gate
Furthermore, the crop rotation can also be used as a time to innovate the operating processes. For example with the disinfection gate from Steenks Service. The gate can only be unlocked when the two buttons in the disinfectant filled tray are pressed simultaneously, so that the hands are cleaned automatically. In addition, the disinfection gate also ensures that the shoe soles are cleaned when unlocking.

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