On Friday 9 November, the first copy of the Certhon Spectrometer was presented to Janneke Grit, lecturer in Horticulture & Arable Farming at HAS University of Applied Sciences. With the Certhon Spectrometer, HAS will no longer control on percentages in the indoor farms, but on the actual light level (measured in micromoles per square meter per second), so important plant processes can be effectively monitored and controlled.

HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch has eight indoor farms, which together cover about 100 sqm. All these indoor farms were equipped with the Certhon Phytotron Control system in 2014, which makes it possible for HAS University of Applied Sciences to create and monitor a specific climate in every indoor farm. With the handover of the Certhon Spectrometer, HAS University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with Certhon, can take the next step in research into and application possibilities for different light recipes. With this improvement, the quality of the LED schemes in indoor farms is brought to a higher level, which leads to even greater control over the plant processes. "With the Certhon Spectrometer, we are taking the next step in monitoring and controlling plant processes", says John van der Sande, Head of R&D at Certhon. "By illuminating in micromoles per square meter per second instead of percentages, the plant gets exactly what it needs. In addition, there is one operating system for controlling the climate, water and light. We offer something that wasn’t possible before."

With the current sensors used in indoor farming, it is possible to measure the quantity of light. The Certhon Spectrometer goes a step further: with the Spectrometer, the spectrum (the color composition of light) is also recorded. This means that both the quantity and the quality of the light are measured. For example, important plant processes can be effectively monitored and controlled, such as influencing flowering (acceleration, generation, slowing down, inhibiting) by adjusting the relationship between different LED colors.

Unique to the Certhon Spectrometer is the direct connection with the Certhon Phytotron Control system, the software package developed by Certhon. This determines how much light the plants receive, because it can be controlled on the exact amount of light in micromoles (μmol/m²/s) for every moment of the day. Depending on the colors present in the lighting system, light recipes can be accurately created. This leads to more insight into and control of the plant. This also allows specific challenges in the crop or the goals of the user to be entered; a major step forward in the research and application of LED light in daylight-free cultivation.

In the coming years, Certhon will focus strongly on the further development of sensors and software for daylight-free cultivation.

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