Vertical farming is one of the solutions to the problem of the growing demand for food. A multilayer system uses less surface, energy and water. And production takes place all year round, resulting in a higher yield. At Bosman Van Zaal they create vertical production systems, where sustainability, convenience and a higher yield are paramount.

A multi-layer production system consists of two or more levels with cultivation containers. Bosman Van Zaal's multilayer system uses air and light to optimise conditions. Besides efficient use of space and energy and reduction of labour costs, the system can be fully linked to other installations and can be integrated within total logistical cultivation systems.

As one component of their vertical agricultural and horticultural systems they introduced the Grow & Roll. The mobile container with multilayer carts functions as a closed laboratory for the efficient cultivation of seeds, cuttings and crops.

In the container any desired climate is simulated by means of adjusting temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and irrigation. Each module has its own docking station including water connection and electrical connection for dimmable LED lamps with white supplemental light and UV for disinfection of air and water. Air circulation can be fine-tuned. Moisture and temperature problems are thus reduced to a minimum. Disinfection of the container is made easy by the movable modules. Heat exchangers enable energy recovery.

The climate is controlled by the iSii compact climate computer of partner Hoogendoorn, which measures and registers the growing conditions. This makes analyses easily available via the internet.

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