A clean start is the best start, right? That's why the AquaJet has been especially developed to start a new cultivation in a clean greenhouse. Van der Waay designed the robust AquaJet tube rail cart after they noticed many growers were struggling to find a good machine to get the inside of their greenhouses clean.

"When changing your cultivation, the AquaJet cleans the inside of your greenhouse very quickly and thoroughly, leading to a perfect result", Tom Zwanenburg tells us. "Riding over the present tube rail system, the AuqaJet applies cleaning or disinfecting means and spray cleans the greenhouse and interior under high pressure. The machine works without cables, is hydraulically driven and is available with steplessly adjustable telescopic boom so the greenhouse deck can be approached from up close and is cleaned and disinfected perfectly"

The video shows the benefits of the machine. "Thanks to its simple plug & play method, every employee can work with the AquaJet Greenhouse", Tom concludes.

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