Square roots opened their doors, or should I said shipping containers, to the public who were able to see first hand the urban shipping container farms the company plans to popularize. Visitors were even allowed to taste the first fruits of their labors as they ate the city grown mustard greens.

The technology that allows the growing in the containers comes from Freght Farms and bright Agrotech and cost around $3000 dollars a month to run. They believe that with this investment a farmer could expect to see a yield of possibly 55,000 mini-heads of lettuce per year and with their farming process they setup the farm for weekly harvests.

The participants following Square roots programs are having their initial investments to get going paid for by Square Roots but after the fate of the participant's farms will be up to them and the viability of their business. The ultimate goal of the plan is to reduce the world's need for rural farmland and to get this technology in people's hands creating a healthier and more food educated public.

source: technical.ly