As the need for food banks continues to rise, The Mississauga Food Bank continues their commitment to sourcing healthy and nutritious food for their thousands of monthly visitors.

To meet this increasing demand, the food bank has launched its newest program as a creative method of sourcing fresh protein and produce. With the inauguration of this project, they are the first food bank in Canada to open an aquaponics farm.

AquaGrow Farms will produce approximately 645 servings of fish of fish and over 10,000 servings of greens each year. All of the fish and greens will be distributed to member agencies across Mississauga. From there they will be given to hungry members of the community who otherwise would have limited access to fresh, healthy food.

“We are committed to providing our clients with access to healthy and fresh food. We are proud to launch AquaGrow Farms to draw attention the need for fresh food by those who live in poverty”, said Executive Director, Chris Hatch. “By opening this farm, we hope to inspire others to get involved in finding creative solutions to fight hunger in our communities.”

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