A new Agri-tech lab due to open at Pershore College early in 2017, will be using a specially commissioned hybrid version of VydroFarm and an aquaponics system called FishPlant.

Pershore College, situated on a 60 hectare site near Evesham, Worcestershire, is one of seven colleges in the Warwickshire College Group. It is regarded as a national centre for horticulture and land-based learning and its focus is to inspire young people to embark on careers with the UK’s agri-tech sector, and support employers by providing leading edge research and innovation, and skilled employees. The installation is part of the major redevelopment programme at the college.

The VydroFarm-FishPlant system will be used to educate Post-16 and degree level students on hydroponics and aquaponics as sustainable alternatives to traditional farming methods, as pressure on world food supplies increases, and world economies look to innovation for viable solutions. The hybrid VydroFarm system, designed by Nick Chan from Aquarium Cabinet Solutions, will be incorporated into a variety of courses including horticulture and animal care.

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