No matter your belief, modern hydroponics, for food production, owes much of its advances, global presence and popularity to Dr Jensen. Twenty five years ago, Merle Jensen was the first to succinctly define it in White Paper to the World Bank: (It) "is a technology for growing plants in a nutrient solution (water and fertilizers) with or without the use of an artificial provide mechanical support...".

Fast forward to 2015, and we can find the impact of Jensen's work globally. His efforts have brought the concept of controlled environment agriculture to urban food production, hydroponics in the deserts of Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Jordan, and to expansion of food production in China, Mexico, the USA and 120 other countries. A stellar example of Jensen's influence is China where, under his guidance, greenhouses' footprint has grown to 8 million acres providing 31 million jobs. Jensen has also brought the hydroponics and food production conversation to TV, the popular press and to public venues like Epcot's Disneyland. In the academic realm he has published numerous technical papers and authored several books. 

With an earned history of CEA of more than half a century, The Controlled Environment Agriculture Centre is truly fortunate to have Merle Jensen tell us about his journey in CEA and his vision of the future. 

An informal networking and get acquainted session will start about 4pm. refreshments will be served. 
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