Cultilene has taken a closer look at the fibre in their stonewool. The new RootmaXX material is produced using Cross Fibre (X-fibre) technology. This patented technology has been developed and refined by the Saint-Gobain Group. Instead of the normal horizontal or vertical fibre direction, with X-fibre the fibres go in all directions in the substrate. This gives growers the best of both worlds, combining the rapid initial rooting enabled by a vertical fibre structure with the improved root distribution in the substrate with horizontal fibres. Research has repeatedly confirmed that these are huge advantages. In addition, X-fibre slabs and cubes are far stronger than other products.

"Never before have we seen such uniform root distribution in a stone wool cube than in Cultilene RootmaXX," said Peter van Duijn of Cultilene. "Another important feature is that there are far fewer vulnerable roots on the underside of the cube, even though the total root development is between 5% and 25% higher than in a standard cube. The intention of top growers to shift to this block in the 2015/16 growing season has to be considered as massive."

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