Cultilene has developed the gradient technology for the Exact Air Slabs. "Because of the gradient technology the density of the stonewool increases evenly from the bottom to the top. Hence, the vertical differences of the water content, EC, pH and O2-level have never been less," said Cultilene's David Sobevski.


The bottom of the slab is no longer always at 100% water content. "After drainage of the excess water and nutrients, the water content at the bottom drops quickly back to around 10% lower than normal. This gives a higher percentage of roots hairs and less water roots."

Why choose Exact Air?
• More resistant to irrigation problems
• A reduction in the 100% wet zone at the bottom of the slab
• A lot less inefficient water roots
• More oxygen in the bottom of the slab
• Superior root distribution within the slab
• Re-saturation is second to none
• A “safer” substrate especially when growing at the end of the crop

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