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Simple tuning rules for Feedforward compensators

In a recent study, simple tuning rules for feedforward compensators were applied to design a control strategy to regulate the inside air temperature of a greenhouse during daytime by means of a natural ventilation system. The developed control strategy is based on a PI (Proportional-Integral) controller…

Frigotherm Ferrari

Different refrigeration solutions

Frigotherm Ferrari has been one of the main points of reference for refrigeration and air conditioning for over 50 years. "70% of our market is in Italy. We have extensive experience in the apple sector, but also provide innovative solutions to other operators as well as to the logistics sector,"…

HVAC systems explained

Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling (HVAC) systems are designed to maintain optimal greenhouse growing conditions, which vary according to the crop grown, time of year, and local climate restrictions.…

Barry Hugo – Dunlash South Africa

Reducing claims through improved cold air flow within a reefer container

In refrigerated containers the chilled air often short circuits, not keeping the fresh produce at the desired temperature. “Cold air is lazy, it takes the path of least resistance,” explains Barry Hugo, managing director at Dunlash South Africa and Refrigerated Air Flow Technologies (RAFT).  This challenge…

Natural or mechanical ventilation?

Ventilation is the process of air exchange, removing inside air from inside the plant production facility and replacing it with outside air.  Ventilation is also important for maintaining CO2 levels and removing excess moisture when there are no active systems installed to manage those factors. Ventilation…

Why cooling is an important part of climate control

Why is cooling important? Well, first to control temperature and humidity, secondly to avoid plant stress, then also to prevent over-irrigation and to ensure flower set.  ​The selection…


The tomato red spider mite in New Zealand

At the end of May, Biosecurity New Zealand (the Ministry for Primary Industries) found two small populations of tomato red spider mite (Tetranychus evansi) on nightshade weeds at two Auckland locations during routine surveillance. Industries potentially affected by this pest include tomatoes, capsicum,…

RF Agriculture

How to regulate temperatures in greenhouse or indoor farm

Keeping cool in summer

One of the best aspects of the summer months is the increased temperatures and plenty of sunshine. After the cold winter months and damp spring, summer is a welcoming sight for many. However, in a commercial greenhouse, this can be a double edged sword. Summer has increased daylight and higher temperatures leading to less need…

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