For eight years now, Burhan G├╝zel has grown cucumbers in his 5 ha greenhouse in Almere, the Netherlands. "In the first year of cultivation, we had a CGMMV, in the second year we had a tiny bit of virus and from then on it was under control", he says.

The grower, who also has 2.4 hectares of high wire cultivation in Asten and 2.4 hectares elsewhere in Almere, grows three traditional crops a year and uses Delphy's hygiene protocol. In winter, the greenhouses are cleaned according to the hygiene protocol of Delphy and in consultation with the advisor. Everything is removed from the greenhouse and the entire inside is disinfected three times.

When the new materials arrive, everything is disinfected again: the rock wool mats, the plastic, and the drip hoses. Only then are the plants introduced. "In the winter, we receive advice which we can use for a whole year. We follow the advice we get from Delphy. With their experience, we can manage the implementation and get a good production."

Burhan with Delphy advisor Ewoud van der Ven

Why it works
The consequence of not cleaning properly is that viruses and other pathogens such as fungi and bacteria can strike. By following the advice and steps of the hygiene protocol, growers gain control over the cultivation conditions. Accurate implementation is very important: "If you don't do it properly, it will never work".

It gives the grower confidence to start the new crop year without a virus. "The hygiene protocol controls the cleaning process and that gives peace of mind. A virus can strike quickly, that's why you have to carry out the protocol meticulously, and not skip anything."

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