Not only Covid-19 affects our health, but there are many other factors that can compromise our well-being, such as our food. Reducing the allergy risk factors in fruit and vegetable cultivation means a further contribution to protecting the consumer’s health.

In this regard, the cultivation company PO Platinum, for which health issues have always been a priority, has introduced a new cultivation protocol that certifies its products as nickel-free.

"We are aware that the quality of life also depends on the quality of the food we consume every day - said Giovanni Astuto, president of the PO - For this reason we made nickel-free products. By doing so, we are safeguarding that part of the population that suffers from allergies, and in particular from this heavy metal. We're aware that we don't have the solution to all ills, but we wanted to be concrete in doing our part. For the same reasons, we keep following the path of zero residue, which is a guiding principle in the cultivation of our vegetables".

Giovanni Astuto

"We strive for sustainability in all areas - emphasized Astuto - This starts with the protection of the environment with an optimal use of natural resources, the protection of human health with the use of technical means below the limits of the law and with the added value of our GlobalGAP, IFS, BRC and GRASP certifications".

"Another fundamental element is traceability: our products are carefully packaged in special trays equipped with QR-code that allows the buyer, at any time, to trace the greenhouse where the product was grown".

PO Platinum, the core of horticultural production

"We represent the essence of horticulture with our top references within our tomato range, such as the oxheart tomatoes, the round smooth, the elongated tomato, the midiplum tomato, the cherry tomatoes and the vine tomato. Among the last two, we also have some varieties of high quality in flavor.  In addition, we already have in production the whole line of eggplants with the round, pale purple and oval varieties, all of which are particularly sought after because they have little or no seeds.”

"This 2020 has also led us to successful goals, with a communication strategy now international; the new website; but also new commercial channels that appreciate the added value of our productions" – continued Astuto.

"Our sales are based on scheduling the production, in agreement with our partners. We noticed that the production prices increased considerably, due to a shortage on the supply side. A greater stability is expected in the coming months, depending on the supply and demand ratio" - concluded Giovanni Astuto, talking about the market.  

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