Since December 2017, Spectrum Cannabis has been busy with the preparations for the cultivation and marketing of medicinal cannabis in Denmark. It seems as if it will finally be ready in the autumn of 2019.

Over the past year, horticultural company N√¶ldebakken, located north of the Danish city of Odense, has been turned into a cannabis nursery. Spectrum Cannabis anticipates to grow 12 tons of cannabis every year on an acreage of approximately 23,000 m2. It is expected that about five percent of the cannabis will be sold in Denmark, while 95 percent will be exported  into other European countries.

The first half of the greenhouse complex is now ready to enter production. The remaining greenhouses will be ready within four up to six weeks. In addition, an old administration building will be converted into a space of 4,000 m2 where the harvested cannabis flowers will be cut, dried and packaged. The new complex will also have space for storage and a large laboratory where the quality assurance operations will be carried out. The greenhouses will also be monitored constantly for light intensity, CO2 content and humidity.

At the moment, the company counts 45, but once the production will be in full swing, 45 employees more will be necessary. With regards to the sales in Denmark, it is still necessary to wait before getting the required permits. These will only be issued once the Danish Medicines Council will believe that all quality requirements have been met.

Spectrum Cannabis will only sell the dried cannabis flowers, and does not intend to extract oil from the plants in the Danish greenhouse complex. However, the company is planning to build another large facility in Germany where the oil extraction operations would be carried out