The worldwide demand for medicinal cannabis increases and production facilities become larger and more automated. Efficiency in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis is key and this starts with automation and process planning. Codema has been providing automation to a few of the top 10 cannabis growers in Canada and the U.S. They are involved in a large number of medicinal and legalized cannabis projects in these countries. Codema provides automation on every essential part inside the greenhouse for growers, such as cultivation systems, logistics, water treatment, irrigation and software. Meanwhile, Codema has gathered quite some knowledge about the critical success factors in the cannabis world.  

Cannabis cultivation has to meet high hygiene standards. The concentration of CBD and THC in the medicinal oil is very important. Medicinal cannabis must therefore not contain pesticides, heavy metals, fungi or bacteria. It is also extremely important to have as little airflow as possible, since cross-contamination is something that really needs to be avoided with this crop. Besides, great importance is attached to the uniformity of cultivation, where automation comes in.

Codema presents this knowledge in the whitepaper: Technology for medicinal cannabis: 10 critical success factors for achieving the best results. Go to: and download the whitepaper for free.

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