AgraFlora Organics (formerly PUF Ventures), announces its joint venture company Propagation Services Canada is to focus on the cultivation of cannabis flowering plants and conduct propagation for its own internal needs.

"and therefore will move to cultivate cannabis flowering plants due to the superior economics," said Derek Ivany, President and CEO of AgraFlora Organics International Inc. "The retrofit of the 2,200,000 square foot greenhouse is going very well, and we will be planting our first crop early next year. The economics of a 2,220,000 sq. ft. greenhouse complex producing approximately 0.12 kilogram per square foot of cannabis flower is staggering. We look forward to expanding our cultivation of cannabis flower to include the majority of our large-scale greenhouse floor space."

Propagation Services Canada is a joint venture between AgraFlora Organics, the Houweling's Group and Delta Organic Cannabis Corp. and is the process of retrofitting a large-scale greenhouse complex in Delta, BC. The 2,200,000 square foot complex will be readied for cannabis cultivation in three phases:

  • Phase 1 includes the retrofit of 350,000 square feet, including 100,000 post-production facilities, completion scheduled for Q2 2019;
  • Phase 2 includes an additional 1,450,000 square feet to be completed by Q4 2019;
  • Phase 3 consists of 400,000 square feet scheduled for completion in Q2 2020.

When completed early next year, the first phase of the retrofit will provide over 250,000 square feet of production space with an estimated annualized capacity of 30,000 kilograms of cannabis. Total production capacity is anticipated to be approximately 200,000 kilograms per year by late 2019 when the Phase 2 is completed, and in excess of 250,0000 kilograms annually when the third and final phase is completed in 2020.

The Delta greenhouse complex includes advanced growing systems for HVAC, watering and lighting. It includes its own natural gas co-gen energy plant which provides cost effective electricity for lighting and heating of the large-scale greenhouse.

Phase one of the retrofit includes site preparation for 250,000 square feet of flowering area, development of standard operation procedures, completion of security audit, development of overall security plan, and the ordering of long lead time items and planning with plant genetic experts in preparation for the first crop.

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