Heliospectra announces a new order from F&M 2017 DOO. The company is starting a new state-of-the-art medicinal cannabis facility in Macedonia, and has chosen to standardize on Heliospectra's solutions to fully automate their lighting environment and provide highest quality pharmaceutical products. The order is for Heliospectra's fully adjustable spectrum Elixia LED grow lights and HelioCORE light control software. The order value is SEK 2.4 million (€ 250,300).

"The Heliospectra solution allows us to automate our light environment while providing us with a proven solution to control yields and most importantly deliver consistent, pharmaceutical-grade products to our customers with each harvest cycle," said Fatmir Merkaj, Owner F&M 2017 DOO.

"The ability to control and automate the LED light and spectra in real-time and at each point of the plant growth cycle ensures that our customers grow the healthiest plants and trichome-rich flowers possible," said Ali Ahmadian, CEO Heliospectra AB. "F&M recognizes the immediate impact that our HelioCORE software and the data-driven lighting controls will create for yield performance and facility operations as they expand their operations in Macedonia."

The order will be delivered and visible in the accounts for Q4 2018.

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