The planting of strawberry plantlets in the south and for the Planitalia Srl, a nursery company part of the Planasa SA group, is coming to an end.

With 105 million plants sold in southern Italy, Plantitalia has been confirmed as the first supplier of nursery material in the strawberry sector for the 2018/19 campaign as well.

Strawberry crop in Lucania.

In the photo: fresh strawberry plant with bare roots

"Over 60% of strawberry cultivation in Italy occurs in the south. The main areas are Caserta and the Sele plain in Campania, Metaponto in Basilicata, Lamezia in Calabria and Marsala in Sicily," explains general manager Carmela Suriano.

"We supply our clients with bare-rooted strawberry plants from the first week of October until early November. Specialized technicians take care of our nurseries and the authorities carry out phytosanitary checks so our material is certified and guaranteed," explains agronomist Loris Gentile.

In the photo: Planitalia Srl agronomist Loris Gentile

This type of plant does not undergo long periods of refrigeration and is planted only a few days after it is uprooted from the nurseries uphill. Over 95% of southern producers chooses this type of plant, ideal for crops in polytunnels in southern climates.

As regards the varietal choice, 50% is made up of Sabrosa, a cultivar sold under the Candonga Fragola Top Quality® brand exclusively by the Club Candonga consortium. The Sabrina cultivar is popular in Caserta and Calabria. Melissa, a very early variety, has spread in the Sele plain and Sicily.

The next campaign should start in the first half of January and continue until early summer.

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