Helius Therapeutics has announced the acquisition of an additional 10,000sqm hydroponic greenhouse on a 8 hectare site in Kumeu, Auckland. The company plans to grow a high-CBD (cannabidiol) cannabis in this controlled greenhouse environment.
Hydroponic greenhouse, Helius West

The Kumeu site, known as Helius West, will operate in addition to the company’s existing licensed facility in East Tamaki, which will cultivate a combination of full spectrum CBD and THC-dominant chemovars.
“Strategy determines our cannabis grow environments. The Helius compound in East Tamaki provides extremely high security, integration and the precise control required for much of the work we are doing. However, we believe high-CBD chemovars are better suited to a greenhouse environment, as seen in many other parts of the world”, says Helius co-founder, Paul Manning.

Kumeu, Auckland will be home to the Helius West cannabis cultivation site

“Operating two sites and two very different grow environments provides us far greater scope and will ultimately allow us to optimise cultivation to suit our product strategy. We’re the only cannabis company in this part of the world to operate dual indoor and greenhouse grow facilities.”
CO2 extractors

The Helius West site will be designed to leverage cost efficient greenhouse growing, harnessing natural light, to produce quality, affordable CBD products for patients across New Zealand.
Cannabis biomass from the Helius West cultivation site in Kumeu will be processed at the company’s GMP-certified East Tamaki facility for C02 extraction, research, testing and manufacturing.

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