Smart Cannabis Corp. has announced a new product line to their agritech portfolio. The SMART Micro Boiler is designed to remediate low cannabis yields cultivators typically face when temperatures are too cool for the root system to absorb nutrients.

Fully integrated into the company’s SMART App, which allows for remote management of crops grown using their technology and equipment, the SMART Soil Heater systematically warms soil and crop roots to specifications set by the cultivator. Cannabis crops are particularly vulnerable to cold temperatures at the root where the plant absorbs vitamins and minerals from the soil. This boiler system allows cultivators growing in areas with low temperatures produce larger yields more reliably than in an otherwise low producing season in which crops typically do not receive nutrition necessary to thrive. The SMART Micro Boiler, in effect, helps support a growers desire to consistently produce high yields.

“Innovating new products that can integrate into our SMART system helps ensure our clients continue to reach peak yields. We deliberately design solutions in response needs identified within cultivation systems and then aim to scale. It’s rewarding to watch our growing customer base exceed yield expectations using our greenhouses and automation systems. The future is bright,” says Smart Cannabis Corp. President and CEO, John Taylor.

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