Toronto based CO2 GRO announced another successful cannabis trial with a minimum 45% increase in cannabis bud value (74% including THC increase) using GROW's patented dissolved CO2 Foliar Spray technology. The strain trialed is a hybrid commonly known as Great White Shark. CO2 Foliar Spray was applied to 120 commercial cannabis plants compared to 120 commercial control group cannabis plants which did not have CO2 Foliar Spray or CO2 gas applied.

CO2 Foliar Spray bud weight increased 25% versus the control group bud weight. Average growth speed was 28% faster to cannabis bud flowering for the CO2 foliar group versus the control group. Vegetative growth is 60% of a full cannabis plant grow cycle giving a growth increase of a net 17%. All cannabis grow trials to date show the potential to grow one more cannabis crop per year by indoor cannabis producers that currently grow 5.5 crops per year. Bud quality results from Health Canada accredited laboratory SGS analyzing both dissolved CO2 buds and control buds showed a 19% increase in THC concentration in the dissolved CO2 group buds.

Considering bud weight increase, growth speed and THC increase, the total bud value increase using dissolved CO2 Foliar Spray is 74% greater than the control buds with no CO2 applied.

Importantly, there was no indication of the presence of any powdery mildew, while increasing the number of times that the plants were sprayed using the combined water and CO2 gas employed in the CO2 GRO Foliar Spray system.

SGS analyzed samples from both the control group and the plants using the CO2 GRO Foliar Spray technology and found no banned pesticides or additives. Both crops passed all Health Canada banned substances regulations.

John Archibald, CEO of GROW stated "We are really pleased with the major increase in bud value and the further cannabis trial knowledge garnered. These positive results reflect what we see in all our other plant trials in the non-cannabis area. Our patented dissolved CO2 Foliar Spray technology simply mixes CO2 and water. More exciting is the huge potential of value plants grown outside greenhouses where CO2 Foliar Spray is the only means of bringing CO2 enhancement to outdoor plants. Our successes in bringing new CO2 access will only accrete value to our shareholders.”

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