CROP has received an updated building permit for its Washington “The Dozen” Project. CROP had previously revised the building plans to include upgraded access roads and a new staff facility, including restroom and break-room.The company has completed 90% of the construction of the first six (6) purpose-built proprietary greenhouses and will now complete the final construction for site approval.

Phase one of construction, consisted of site preparation and foundations for twelve (12) purpose-built indoor agricultural canopies encompassing a planned total area of approximately 44,000 square feet.

Each completed phase will be leased to licensed tenant growers along with brand licensing and the CROP SAFE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The site currently allows for about 176,000 square feet of canopy space.

The 12 indoor growing facilities will benefit from a regional electricity rate of $0.02/kWh USD and based on internal calculations provided by CROP’s expert consulting partner, should result in tenant cost of production of less than $150.00 USD per lb. ($0.33 per gram) with adherence to the CROP SAFE Standard Operating Procedures.

CROP Infrastructure Director and CEO, Michael Yorke, stated: “Once the project is completed this will serve as our CROP SAFE production model for all our future builds across the globe. We intend to have strict replication of our growing procedures to get the best return from every square foot of growing space and the lowest cost possible for our tenants.”

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