Micro Lab Farms, a provider of fully automated turnkey systems for rapid production of legal cannabis, announced the development of a new advanced Cultivation Complex in California.

The company has made it possible for farmers, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors to expand or enter the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry.

The Micro Lab Farms Indoor Cultivation Pod can produce the highest quality product, with as many as twice the number of harvests per year compared to outdoor farming.

Terry Ubl, President of Micro Lab Farms, says the company has a variety of ways businesses and individuals can get involved in the world's largest legal cannabis market.

"A hands-on farmer can have a Pod shipped to their location and can be up and running rapidly to fuel expansion or shift to a more reliable growing system. An entrepreneur can have Pods delivered to the new California Cultivation Complex and the entire process is managed by experts," he said. "And qualified investors can move funds from under-performing assets or IRA's into a high-performing asset-backed investment by purchasing units and becoming a partial owner in the Cultivation Complex."

The Cultivation Complex is forecasting annual returns in excess of 24%. Details available by prospectus. 

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