The further north you go in Norway, the better the strawberries taste. This is according to Nina Sundqvist, Matmerk's Director. Matmerk is a foundation that promotes the sale of Norwegian products.

Up to now, few strawberries have been grown in the northern regions of Norway. Due to the cold climate, conditions have not been optimal for this type of cultivation. However, due to the long summer days, the strawberries that do grow there get light all day long. This does wonders for their taste. "The low temperatures mean that the strawberries grow slowly. The ample sunlight, however, ensures that they are exceptionally sweet", says Sundqvist.

Different strawberry farmers in the three northernmost districts see this as an opportunity to promote their produce as 'strawberries with an arctic taste'. Growers can extend the season by using new cultivation methods. These include methods such as the use of cultivation containers in grow tunnels. This stabilizes conditions, and more strawberries can be harvested. "We grow tomatoes in greenhouses. Why should we not start growing strawberries all year long?" concludes Sundqvist.