Two crews are working to complete the construction of two 5000 square foot buildings on the Marapharm cannabis campus in Las Vegas, Nevada. The crews have completed one building shell and the other is progressing quickly. A third crew will be added for around the clock construction as weather permits. Completion is scheduled for October 31, 2017. New construction pictures will be put on the website to update the progress. Marapharm is actively sourcing and preparing plants in addition to ordering extraction and other equipment necessary for cultivation to begin as soon as possible.

“We are moving very quickly to be able to grow and sell cannabis in Nevada. Completing these buildings will allow us to be part of the most exciting cannabis market in the nation. Plans for the landmark 360,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas are underway and we expect that construction will commence soon. Then, watch us grow!” says Linda Sampson, Marapharm CEO.

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