Belgium growers opt for special tomato varieties, Mitsubishi sponsored a tomato farm and Winset started to work with a Twinhook to prevent splitting of their tomato plants. This is what happened in the second half of January 2016.

Jan Engelen, Veiling Hoogstraten
"Even more Belgium growers are to choose tomato specialties"
The Belgium auction Veiling Hoogstraten produced 19.3 million kilos of tomato specialties in 2015 and that's an increase of 54.8% compared to 2014. "There was tremendous growth in specialties, and we expect an even higher volume this year," says Jan Engelen from Veiling Hoogstraten.

Canada: First generation farmers Duffy and Jordan share their story
Brothers Duffy and Jordan Kniaziew are first generation farmers and local entrepreneurs who are transforming their family-owned business. What started as a small greenhouse in 1997 has since evolved into Zing! Healthy Foods.

Mitshubishi sponsors tomato farm
Japan: First crops in at Minamisoma Tomato Farm in Fukushima
Minamisoma Fukko Agri KK, a small agro-business enterprise in Fukushima, Japan, held an opening ceremony to mark the start of cultivation at its tomato farm. The launch of this operation was made possible by financial assistance by Mitshubishi.

Simple solution to prevent huge damages to screen system
A failure in a screen installation can cause considerable damage. Not only the pull wires, but also nylon threads and fabric regularly suffer. The technicians at Peter Dekker Installations (PDI) can prevent this with a protective system on the axis.

Less stem splitting at Windset Farms thanks to clever Twinhook
Since February 2015, Winset Farms has been using the Twinhook to prevent splitting in their topped tomato plants. We spoke to Tony Stevens, senior grower at WindSet Farms.“Topped tomato plants carry the risk of stem splitting. Tomatoes on the vine – which we grow – are the worst variety for that.