Horticultural Solutions is happy to welcome Blanton Sheorn as their new horticultural consultant. Blanton brings along years of real world experience and knowledge of commercial flower farming in the greenhouse environment. His background started at the University of Georgia where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture. He continued growing ornamentals at Metrolina Greenhouses where he spent nine years continually being promoted, ultimately reaching head grower status. Blanton is looking forward to meeting, learning, and assisting greenhouse cannabis growers.

Blanton Sheorn

Horticultural Solutions LTD is a full service cannabis consulting firm assisting with design, build, staffing and operations management and Blanton’s expertise in flower cultivation and IPM strategies make an excellent addition to the team.

General inquiries for professional services can be sent to sales@hort-solutions.com, and Blanton can be contacted directly at Blanton@hort-solutions.com.

Cannabis consulting firm Horticultural Solutions creates and optimizes facilities using the most high tech automated solutions in the North American greenhouse industry. According to founder Shane Hutto, the success of the company is based on their knowledge in both greenhouse growing as well as cannabis on a commercial scale.