At the planned 32 hectare medicinal greenhouse operation in Grants, New Mexico, certain growing facilities will be dedicated for the exclusive use of the New Mexico State University to enhance their student education programs, and to keep pace with new large scale operations for high value agriculture of plants with medicinal values.

The research center dedicated to NMSU will have over 7,500 sq feet of greenhouse growing area that extends out into the existing production greenhouses. The compartment is separated by a fully encompassing glass wall, which creates a totally independent climate. All concerned believe that the local economy will be enhanced by a research and testing center designed for the benefit of the New Mexico State University.

"We believe that the proposed research centre for NMSU's campus is important for the entire community," said John Stockwell of the Bright Green Group. "The centre has mutual benefits for research and testing of legal medicinal plants for The Bright Green Group."

This is the old greenhouse that will be retrofitted. It has not been in use for 10 years. Picture :

Click here for the complete article about the 32 hectare medicinal greenhouse that will be realized in New Mexico. The 81 million US dollar investment was announced by the Bright Green Group, and consists of a very impressive large scale medicinal production facility. The project involves the retrofitting of an existing 10 hectare greenhouse facility into a propagation operation, while an additional 26,7 hectares of high end Dutch Venlo houses will be constructed as a production greenhouse.