This year the silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia Tabacci) creates unrest. This whitefly is found in more and more companies. 

The silverleaf whitefly is the brother of the well-known greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum). It can cause direct damage through feeding. Secondly a byproduct, honeydew is excreted, encouraging infestations of moulds and fungi. Finally the adult whitefly has the ability to transmit viruses and therefore, a preventive policy is very important.
Because the silverleaf whitefly demonstrates reduced susceptibility to the currently permitted pesticides, it is important to identify the silver leaf whitefly in a timely manner in order to achieve a good control management. Identification, especially in pepper and tomato can be difficult, as in many companies both whiteflies are present and look very similar. 

Silverleaf whitefly and greenhouse whitefly
To perform the correct control strategy, it is important to distinguish these two types. The easiest way is by the wings of the insect. Where the wings of the greenhouse whitefly are delta shaped lying on its body, the wings of the silverleaf whitefly lay parallel next to each other. Another major difference is that the silverleaf whitefly lay eggs throughout the crop and is also situated in the whole of the crop. If a correction is needed the entire crop must be treated.

What to do?
For many companies, the crop rotation is due. This is an important period to take preventive measures against whitefly. Make sure all weeds in and around the greenhouse are disposed of, because once the crop is cleared the silverleaf whitefly is temporarily looking for a new host. Once it is located in or around your greenhouse, the chances are that he strikes again in your new crop. 

During the start-up of the new crop monitoring is very important, it is done by visual counts or by catches with yellow sticky traps. When detecting a infestation action should be taken timely with biological control agents. 

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