Two Dutch Prominent growers, with 14.3 hectares together, grew Axiradius this year: the new medium-sized tomato from Axia Vegetable Seeds. Next year the variety is again the preferred choice both growers. Growers Cornelis de Rijke and Marc Groenewegen explain their choice.

"If you want to deliver a high quality, flavorful tomato, you have to grow Axiradius," summarizes Marc Groenewegen of Prominent. "Last season we grew large truss tomatoes, but the growers wanted to get away from that segment. That was good: our customers had more demand for the medium-sized tomatoes. We grow entirely on customer demand. With this variety, the customer is satisfied."

Prominent grower Cornelis de Rijke also decided to grow Axiradius next year. This year he has learned a lot about the variety. "It is a vigorous variety, with great potential."

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