Tholen - Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne from Nederweert is preparing for the new season. The 'selling machine' is in full swing. Jos Veugen: "It seems that the season for disinfecting is getting later and later. Previously, the largest peak was in October and now we see November and sometimes even December as the peak. The plants seem to produce for longer, so growers leave them in for longer."

Veugen has two new machines this season. Both machines have been tried and tested in other sectors.

The result of the chemical rinse and then a heat rinse.

Coffee-coloured slime
- Veugen rinses the pipes out without chemical additives. This is an additional step, of which the effect is obvious. Jos: "If we carry out this application after the pipes have been cleaned by the regular, chemical method, we still see coffee-colorred slime coming out of the pipe. Therefore, it clearly has an effect. Water is introduced by way of pulsating water and interchanged with compressed air. Because of this interchange, a vortex is created whereby the pipes are really rinsed clean. The mechanical action ensures that the biofilm is removed leading to a cleaner result. In these biofilms, there are often nasty bacteria. And the growers know better than anyone else how important clean water is."

Container desinfection 
In the trucks, there are mounted spraying systems to disinfect the trailer of the truck. Jos: "Everyone is still reluctant to bring dirty materials into the company." The system can be fully operated by way of a button in the cab. On the road, the trailer and all the containers are disinfected. The atomisation only takes five minutes, 20 minutes later, the effect is optimal and airing takes place pretty quickly afterwards. The latter, in particular, depends on the internal circulation system.

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