A Michigan based grower of organic medical marijuana hopes to get licensing for a new operation in Tecumseh, Ontario. According to Global Organiks' COO Scott Lowry, the company will do its utmost best to highlight the sustainable side of the business. "We want to show that we are different. Hopefully our sustainable approach will increase our chances of getting through the difficult, 6 stage, licensing process."

According to Lowry, the growers at Global Organiks cultivate medicinal crops in the most sustainable way. "We grow 100% organic crops, without the help of synthetic fertilizers, and we partner with nature to fight pests and diseases. If we eventually get licensing to produce in Canada, we will outfit our facilities with the most efficient technologies that support our sustainable practices. For example, advanced recirculation and filtration systems would allow us to recirculate irrigation water, reduce our water usage and avoid emissions."

Global Organiks received zoning approval from the town of Tecumseh to accommodate their medical marijuana facility in Oldcastle. The grower plans to built the farm on this land. They researched all of the possibilities for this production site, and came to the conclusion that a closed environment facility would provide the best solution.

Lowry: "We have been looking at building a greenhouse structure, but that would bring in too many variables that would not be efficient enough for us. That is why we are looking at a multi layer production warehouse, where we grow in climate chambers with the help of artificial lighting. Most likely this will be energy efficient LED lighting. As well as this, we are looking at CO2 dosing systems. In order to make the production even more sustainable, we are considering placing PV solar cells on the warehouse, to decrease our carbon footprint."