For smaller greenhouse growers that are trellising their crops with tomato twine, it is not always convenient to buy new tomato twines or hooks. Unlike larger operations, buying hooks can be very expensive for them, due to high transportation cost, or because the small amount of the order they are not able to get a good price. Especially for this situation, Steenks Service has developed a small hook winder that a grower can mount on his pipe rail trolley or greenhouse cart in order to reuse is hooks at the end of every crop cycle.

The new hook winder is ideal for growers that have a small acreage, from a few meters up to one hectare. They now only have to order a box with metal hooks, and some pull rolls with horticultural twines. At the end of the season, the growers can clean the empty hooks and rewind new twine on them.

According to Steenks Service, the machine can help smaller growers save money on the hooks every year. "A grower can now become self sufficient regarding his greenhouse hooks", said Sander Zuidgeest from Steenks Service. "This makes the machine very interesting especially for smaller local growers, that only use a few hooks each year. A lot of growers really appreciate the fact that they can re-use the equipment. This means they don't have to rely on suppliers. They don't have to wait for some item to be delivered, which of course slows down production. Now they also do not have to deal with the costs of transport and the costs of customs."

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