HortiGreen has a new set of drip irrigation manifold hoses, which can be used to irrigate larger plots more effectively and save on costs. The new hoses are 6 and 8 inch strokes, whereas previously only 3 and 4 inch hoses were available. This is particularly interesting for larger plots, as it is now possible to irrigate more simply, quickly, and accurately while using less technology.

On the left the sizes already available, on the right the larger sizes, which will be commercially available from mid-December

"At the moment we see growers making purchases for the next growing season," says founder Arie Jan Broere. "This is especially true for those growers who have seasonal crops and for whom now is the time to make necessary investments, but also because prices are only rising and basically everything will be even more expensive tomorrow."

John Duijvestijn, Arie-Jan Broere, and Ties Baltussen at GrootGroenPlus 2021  

Different crops, different requirements
The use of so-called drip tapes in outdoor crops is increasing. A drip tape is like a dripper in a PE pipe, but underground in the root zone. A 16 or 22 mm tube with labyrinths in it delivers water to the roots of a crop in a targeted manner, and here it is important that the volume of water suits the type of soil in the root zone. In some crops, you can harvest after three months, in other crops it can take years before you can harvest. In this way, the requirements for the robustness and durability of the drip tape differ.

"The demand for drip tape is at its highest right now. A grower often doesn't know exactly what he is looking for yet, but he does know for which acreage and, of course, for which crop. With the larger distribution hoses, he needs fewer tap sets and can irrigate larger areas in a shorter time with one pump set."

The innovation is a direct result of a demand from the market. "We were getting more and more requests for projects of acreages that far exceeded 10 or 15 hectares. We organized study sessions with customers active in all possible cultivation segments: vegetables, ornamental horticulture, and tree nursery. This diversity is also necessary because the output of the drip must always suit the crop and the type of soil. You have to take this into account to achieve the best possible yield and the smallest possible drain.

HortiGreen Wholesale is a sister company of Broere Irrigation. The trade in drip irrigation products and accessories originated next to the installation business. The company develops its own drip tapes, driplines, and couplings. HortiGreen also develops so-called irrigation pump sets, which can be operated intelligently by means of IoT, the Internet of Things.

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