Founder Pepijn Looijaard bids farewell to Dutch Lighting Innovations. "After having founded Dutch Lighting Innovations almost five years ago, it's time for me to say goodbye as a partner in DLI and move on to my next challenge," he shares. Dutch Lighting Innovations develops and produces HPS and LED lighting systems for horticulture worldwide. 

Ton ten Haaf and Pepijn Looijaard on the Dutch tradeshow back in 2019.

"It has been a great adventure, and while I am sad to leave, I'm also excited about what DLI has achieved. Dutch Lighting Innovations has become a substantial and influential supplier within the hydroponic market, the professional horticultural industry, turf lighting, and the cultivation of alternative crops as algae, herbs, and cresses. We have achieved in-house production, warehousing, logistics, and best-in-class quality control, which has resulted in tremendous growth in market share worldwide," says Pepijn, who thanks everybody at Dutch Lighting Innovations for all the achievements they have had. "I believe the diversity of business areas that DLI operates in will provide a healthy basis for future growth."

"A big thank you to Ton ten Haaf. I couldn't have done this without you! I'm thankful for the success we built together. I also want to thank all of my partners and customers that have believed in Dutch Lighting Innovations and have helped in the success of DLI. It's been a crazy but great ride." 

Pepijn is very excited about his new business venture as a partner in a European distributor of horticultural products and as a partner in a manufacturer of horticultural fertilizers.

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