Fluence by Osram is showing their new VYNE inter-canopy lighting (ICL) at Greentech 2021.

The VYNE modules will be available in 2,5m and 2m versions and feature not only the traditional high red/ low blue spectrum but also Fluence’s popular R6 broad white spectrum. Efficacies range from 3,0 µmol/J for the broad R6 to 3,3 µmol/J for the R9B spectrum, with PPF of 120 µmol s-1 per meter bar length.

“In the lighting season 2020-2021, we have done extensive quantitative ICL research at Wageningen University”, said Dr. Theoharis Ouzounis, Fluence’s senior photobiologist. “In a triple replicated research led by Leo Marcelis and Ep Heuvelink, we tested the effect of several combinations of top lighting and inter-canopy lighting using a broad spectrum on two different tomato cultivars. The results confirm current scientific consensus that inter-canopy lighting in dark months only makes sense when you have a high PPFD lighting on top of the crop.”

Theo Tekstra, Technical Director at Fluence by Osram: ”The broad R6 spectrum is not only very efficient but also provides a much more comfortable working environment for greenhouse personnel, who have been complaining about the intrusive high-intensity purple color ICL. In combination with a broad spectrum top lighting, this is not only a very efficient solution for tomatoes, but it also opens possibilities for ICL in other crops like cucumbers, where a deficient LED spectrum, in general, does not result in optimal crop performance. This year we have scaled up our research at Wageningen University to include two cucumber cultivars in the ICL research.”

Theo Tekstra 

VYNE will be available in Q1 2022. For more information, contact Fluence by Osram or drop by their booth 01.307 at Greentech Amsterdam to have a first look and also see the new RAZR Modular vertical farming solution.

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