Tomato grower Agro Care has bought up the land of pepper grower Barendse. This means that the Dutch pepper grower will quit and that the entire area, 19 hectares of greenhouses, will be transferred to the tomato grower, who will use the greenhouses for tomato cultivation.

Léon Barendse of the pepper cultivation company: “I met with Agro Care last autumn to talk about selling my company. At the time, Agro Care bought up Greenco’s greenhouses in the area and was interested in growing on our land as well. We came to an agreement, and I will transfer the company to them on the 1st of December.”

With that, Agro Care will become the pepper cultivation company's new owner and will use the land to cultivate tomatoes. To accommodate the new cultivation, the greenhouses need to be adjusted.

Léon and Petra Barendse

Great final year
With the transaction, Léon will no longer be a pepper grower after the 1st of December. Thus, the pepper sector will lose a true ambassador in the field since Léon and his wife Petra worked a lot on the promotion of orange peppers. “I haven’t yet decided what I will do after this”, says Léon. “Maybe something else in horticulture, or something completely different. At least I’m happy to have been in the position to make these decisions. This past year might have been the greatest so far. I kept the team together, and we all managed to wrap up the year nicely.”

At Growers United, the cooperative that Barendse DC is part of, appoints Personal Vision as its new member in the pepper supplier field. The grower enters the product group for peppers and will be cultivating bell peppers for the brand PapriCo.