Shandong Yingyangyuan Food Technology Co., Ltd. is a company active in the fruit fresh-keeping industry. In continuous communication with customers, the company learned that in addition to sugar content and hardness, the color of the peel is also one of the important factors that determine the popularity of the fruit in the market, as most consumers tend to choose fruits with brighter colors. However, a lot of the time, fruits in the orchard cannot color successfully - the red color on some is not bright enough, and some are only half red. Unsatisfactory colors not only make fruit unattractive in appearance
, but reduce consumer acceptance and affect prices.

Apples without using a coloring agent

Many orchards have begun to use coloring agents to improve the color of apples and grapes, but current products on the market are of differing quality, and grapes and apples are prone to falling and receiving damages after being sprayed. Based on customer needs and extensive research, Shandong Yingyangyuan Food Technology developed a new agent in cooperation with universities in China and abroad. "The main advantage of the new product is that it improves the color of the fruit without impacting on the quality,” Wang, manager of the company introduced NUCOLOR.

"The working principle of NUCOLOR is to help the fruit produce anthocyanins, in order to improve coloring. In this way, we can maintain the unique color of the fruit and improve the appearance and internal quality of the fruit, therefore increasing its commerciality. Upon application, the sugar content and natural anthocyanin content of the fruit will be improved, and the storage and transportation performance will become better,” Wang said. "The application method of this product is very simple. When the fruit growth has ended and the coloring period (20%~30 % coloring) has just begun, apply the first spray. For bagged fruit, spray the next day after unbagging. Use a sprayer to evenly spray the entire plant."

When talking about the comparative advantages of NUCOLOR compared with other similar products, the manager said, "NUCOLOR is composed of natural plant extracts, a variety of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Compared with other products on the market, our product uses a scientific formula, does not contain ethephon, has a long-lasting and stable effect, and will not have side effects such as causing the fruit or leaves to fall. More importantly, NUCOLOR will not affect the quality of the fruit or post-harvest storage period.”

"During the Covid-19 crisis when consumer drive is insufficient, beautifully colored fruits are more attractive to traders,” Wang said. "NUCOLOR is not only suitable for Fuji, Gala, Honey Crisp, Pink Lady, and other red apple varieties, but also suitable for other fruits such as grapes."

Shandong Yingyangyuan Food Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing pre-harvest coloring solutions for global fruit growers. The company has not yet registered sales qualifications in overseas markets but is looking for distributors in various markets for opportunities to work together.

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