"The production of aromatic herbs that keep their organoleptic properties at their best, just like freshly harvested, is now possible, and we have fully succeeded in doing this, thanks to technology". This was expressed by Luciano Internicola (photo), speaking of the Aromathica brand, which is owned by a non-profit organization based in Segesta (TP), western Sicily.

"Our herbs are grown with organic standards and dried with the most modern technologies available today in Italy - continued the entrepreneur - All Aromathica herbs are grown and harvested by our farm and only on our land, in order to have full and continuous control about the quality and safety of the product."

"Unlike other herbs, which lose most of their organoleptic qualities due to obsolete drying processes, Aromathica is able to preserve the color, smell and taste of the herbs thanks to an innovative and unique cold drying system. The herbs are desiccated for a longer time but at a very low temperature, so as to preserve their aroma and fragrance. This means that our customers can obtain much tastier and more fragrant dishes."

The cold-drying allows to dehydrate the aromatic herbs as gently as possible, with temperatures starting from only 4 °C, without altering the aroma, colouring and the phyto-complex. This innovative process is called Vaporization Chain System.

The company has about 40 thousand seedlings ( about 20 thousand oregano, around 10 thousand rosemary, approximately 3000 mint, 4000 sage and 3000 thyme) but has scheduled for February - March 2021- "The planting of an additional 15000 seedlings, mainly of thyme, sage and mint, on an area of 5 hectares. In addition, a further 10 adjacent hectares are available for future expansion. The production capacity and packaged product consists of about 70 thousand units, mostly of oregano and rosemary."

"We prefer to sell in packs of 15 and 20 grams (see photo below) - added Internicola - both directly to the consumer, the intermediary or the specialized store. But we are also open to the gourmet Ho.Re.Ca sector and to all those businesses that focus on high quality standards, both in Italy and abroad."

Aromathica is a brand owned by Etica Soc. Coop. Sociale, a non-profit organization founded in 2003 to help the weakest people. Etica works towards the promotion and support of marginalized and disadvantaged people. In 2014, the founding members decided to pursue a local project, in the agricultural field, and specializing in the cultivation of aromatic herbs.

C.da Pietrarinosa sn
91013 Calatafimi Segesta (TP) – Italia
Phone.: +39 3939151591
Email: lucianointernicola@aromathica.it
Website: www.aromathica.it