For the past couple of weeks, the people at Voorwinden Group and SolSolutions have been working hard on their part for a greener future. On the roof of the greenhouse builder's new building, 1430 solar panels have been placed.

Preceding the installation, an extensive analysis was conducted to see which type of panels would be the best fit for the roof construction and how the panels should be placed in terms of sun position in order to function optimally.

Given that the neighbors, Havecon Horticultural Projects, had already placed panels on their roof last year, it was reasonably easy to use the same installation on the roof of Voorwinden.

"With the installment of the solar panels we will be able to provide our workspace, office and even the electric company cars with renewable energy”, they say. “However, given that our energy usage will be kept to a minimum, most of the energy will go to the power grid, which will allow a lot of households in Bleiswijk to use our renewable energy. So, let the sun shine! We are ready for it.”

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